Best Online Meeting Software in 2022

Online meetings and web conferencing becoming the most popular and common phenomena nowadays due to their vast usage in our digital global World. As you already know that most people are working remotely due to a flexible work environment. Moreover, here we will discuss the top 6 best online meeting software in 2022 you may need to work with.

If you are a member of an organization that has its members spread around the globe and also serving its customers online. So, all these members often have to interact with each other, whether they represent operational or sales activities for your business. Working remotely significantly increases their performance while the members are living in their own environment and feel isolated.

However, to binned up altogether within one place you must need a program that makes all that happen. One of the most powerful and useful tools is web conferencing or online meetings to increase your business growth and productivity.

Here is a list of the top 6 best online meeting software / Apps which you can utilize to gain your required job and can hold online meetings and chats with your fellow members and co-workers. Moreover, there is plenty of such programs available to be utilized but, here I have provided only the best tools, features that are less expensive.

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Best Online Meeting Software / Apps in 2022

1. Zoom Meeting

zoom online meeting main

Zoom is known as one of the best online meeting software in 2021 to organize simplified and online video conferences across all devices. It is a powerful and feature-rich program which is highly suitable for all type of businesses and organizations.

Moreover, it is also suitable for freelancers and other professionals to arrange video meetings online with their customers by inviting them using Zoom id, or you can join them after Signing In. Even more, installing and setting up Zoom Meet is an easy process than other lengthy software in such category.

Plans and Pricing of Zoom

The best part of zoom is that it also has a free version other than business plans for students for the purpose of education with registered schools only. However, you can also make a request to register your school and get a full version. Moreover, Zoom also has a basic version that is freely available to all individuals for personal meetings.

The Pro version is available for $14.99/month. Small and medium businesses and organizations can get it with $19.99/month and can make a video conference with 300 hosts. Furthermore, it also has other plans and pricing for large-scale businesses and enterprises having more than 500 to 1000 hosts. Click here to check all plans.

2. Google Meet

google meet online meeting program

Google Meet is also one of the best tools with more security features and easily accessible. The best feature of Google Meet is that any person having a google account can use this app free of cost with 100 participants at once. It is also an upgraded version of Google Hangouts with more tools, functions, and features. As of now, a user can make calls for 60 minutes of duration an unlimited number of times.

However, this duration will increase to 24 hours after 30 September 2020. Moreover, a premium version with a lot of features is also available for businesses and organizations with up to 250 participants. Premium users can also stream live to 100,000 viewers within a domain. Google meet is also cross-platform and can also be used across all devices. Click here for more plans and features.

Price and Plans of Google Meet

Google Meet’s basic version is freely available with a lot of tools and features. However, to get your hands on the premium features of Google Meet you must have to subscribe Google G Suite with the following plans. It has a basic version with premium features for $6/month for each user. The Business version is available for $12/month including basic premium features and many others. Moreover, Google Meet also has an Enterprise solution for $25/month. Click here to view prices and plans.

3. Webex by Cisco

cisco webex remote working

Webex is also known as a smart choice to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other. It is an industry standard level web conferencing solution with a large no of participants and team members. Moreover, Cisco Webex lets to join and host online meetings with high-definition video, audio, and also screen sharing with co-workers. While using Webex you can easily collaborate with your team members for sharing files, calling and white-boarding.

Plans and Pricing of Cisco Webex

Webex is free available to healthcare and education individuals. Cisco Webex starter version is available for $13.50/month and the Plus version is for $17.95/month. However, it also has a business version for $26.95/month and an enterprise version with flexible plans on contact. Click here to contact Webex sales for more plans and pricing.

4. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting online meeting software

GoToMeeting is also a very popular online meeting solution that has everything you need to work remotely and stay connected. It has many powerful and useful features which you can get your hands on like Chat, Instant Meeting, Scheduled Meeting, and many others.

Moreover, it also works well for Screen Sharing, Video Conferencing, Mobile Conferencing support, etc. GoToMeeting is known as the best online meeting software in 2021 which provides Meeting Recording and Transcription in real-time with a quick sharing option.

Plans and Pricing of GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting has a little drawback than others in that it does not have any basic or free version to use. However, the Price of GoToMeeting starts from $14/month for professionals and $19/month for Business which supports up to 250 participants. Moreover, GoToMeeting also has an Enterprise Version support of up to 3000 participants, you have to contact sales to buy this. Click here for more detailed plans and pricing.

5. BlueJeans by Verizon

BlueJeans Video Conference

BlueJeans is a cloud-based feature-rich web conferencing solution that mainly focuses on security within a scalable environment. It is a powerful and reliable video conferencing tool and also the best online meeting software, suitable for large interactive events with a more secure environment.

While working with BlueJeans you can easily manage and troubleshoot meetings, events, and rooms in real-time. It is powerful enough to leverage artificial intelligence and voice recognition to create intelligent meetings and conferences. BlueJeans also allows you to host one-touch meetings from anywhere using any device with an attractive and intelligent interface.

Plans and Pricing of BlueJeans

BlueJeans has an entry-level Standard Version available for $12.49/month per host which can host up to 50 participants and unlimited 1 to 1 meetings. It also has Pro Version for $ 17.49/month per host to boost productivity which can host up to 75 participants. Moreover, BlueJeans also has an Enterprise Version to elevate an organization’s video conferencing experience to optimum level of satisfaction, Contact Sales to get Enterprise Version. However, you will also get a 20% discount on all plans on an annual subscription. Click here to view more detailed Pricing Plans.

6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams online meeting App

Microsoft Teams is also known as simply Teams, is a powerful and efficient online video meeting software solution for personal and professional use. It also has a free version available with many features included for your business and organization. While using the free version you will get unlimited Chat, Video Calling, File Sharing, and personal storage for your data as long as you want.

The best feature of Microsoft Teams is a coauthoring feature that gives you access to edit Microsoft, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel spreadsheets in real-time. Moreover, it also has a Guest Access feature which enables you to give access to peoples outside your organization with limitations. It also works great across all devices with high definition videos within a secure and simple environment.

Plans and Pricing of Microsoft Teams

Other than free version Microsoft Team has a Basic Version for $5/month for each user on annual subscription. Standard version is available for $12.50/month for each host on annual commitment. Moreover, it also has an Enterprise level solution with a lot of premium features only in $20/month for each host on annual subscription. Click here to check detailed price and plans.

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