10 Best Notion Templates for Power Users

Users are taking notice of Notion, a San Francisco-based firm. The software’s versatility and modular characteristics are being praised by early users. You may either start from scratch or utilize one of the best Notion templates to get started rapidly. Do you want to know Which Project Management Tool Is Better; Notion vs Asana?

Best Notion Templates

Notion provides templates for both businesses and communities. To create a Notion page, go to the templates collection and look for a relevant template. When scrolling through the dozens of preset Notion templates, it can be intimidating for a user. For power users, we’ve hand-picked the best five Notion templates. Let’s get this party started.

1. 2021 Dashboard

Even though we’re already in the second month of 2021, it’s not too late to create your ideal 2021 dashboard in Notion.

You may quickly recreate every aspect of the current year with this third-party template. Household, Personal, and Work links have been added, as well as a year’s worth of goals, a reading list, and inspiring quotations.

2021 Dashboard Best Notion Templates

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2. Content Calendar

This content calendar may be used to schedule and track all of your content, from blog posts to podcasts to tweets. Every item in the calendar represents a project, with options for authoring (or assigning), content type (article, event, etc.), and status (scheduled, in progress, complete). Each one has its own Notion page, where you may save all of your associated notes, research, and multimedia, as well as do all of your writing.

Content calendar notion template

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3. Company Home

Another Notion template designed by the Notion team, this one is a must-have for HR professionals. You may provide a single source of truth for essential information, policies, announcements, and more to everyone in your organization. You may quickly add links to any pages you choose – it’s as simple as typing. It’s also simple to generate numerous levels of content with obvious pathways because you may nest pages inside pages indefinitely.

Company Home

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4. Resume: Best Notion Templates

Many Notion users prefer to create the ideal CV on their Notion pages. If you don’t want to start from scratch, use the resume template below as a starting point. Within your workspace, you may create a beautiful, functional résumé. Enable “Public Access” and email the URL along with your resume. Even after you’ve sent out the resume, you can continue to improve it.

Resume Best Notion Templates

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5. Reading List

More than just books are on the modern reading list. The notion has built a dashboard to keep track of all the articles, videos, podcasts, blog posts, Twitter conversations, and — yes, books — you wish to read right now or later. The Chrome plugin Notion Web Clipper allows you to send articles directly to the Notion page.

Reading List

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6. Exercise Routine

The main assumption is that tracking progress will drive you to keep going if you want to form a habit. You may do the same with this Notion template. You can start a new week each week by dragging an existing table to the Archive page and clicking the “Start a New Week” button. Habit trackers are effective! Try it out by clicking the link below.

Exercise Routine

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7. Trip Itinerary: Best Notion Templates

The Trip Itinerary Notion template allows you to keep track of crucial travel details such as packing lists, airplane itineraries, hotel details (such as location, website, check-in hours, and contact information), and any and all confirmation numbers.

Trip Itinerary

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8. Blogging Manager

Bloggers! This one is dedicated to you. With a full blogging manager, the third-party Notion template lets you manage all phases of producing posts. You can use templates to organize posts, manage guest posting, and stay on top of progress and forthcoming postings.

Blogging Manager

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9. Investment Tracker

It’s difficult to keep track of your investments, and it’s much more difficult to figure out which ones are bringing you the best returns. To generate a flawless overview of all your investments with your portfolio, use the Notion template below.

Investment Tracker

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10. Personal Finances

Dedicated expenditure tracker apps are available. You can use the Personal finances template in Notion to create a stripped-down version. You can include a date, category tags, account type, amount, spending type, and even comments in the template. Furthermore, you may calculate the total of your spending at the bottom of the amount column.

Personal Finances

I would recommend starting with the Finance tracker template in Notion to verify the consistency before moving on to a specialized expenditure app.

Get Personal Finances

Final Remarks: Best Notion Templates

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Go over the templates in the list above to learn how to use Notion like a pro. For everything else, use Google. What are your thoughts? Please notify me via Twitter.


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