Best Note-Taking App for Mac in 2022

Using digital note-taking programs on a Mac to take handwritten notes is easier than you might expect. Choose one of the top options from the list below. The use of a Mac Note-Taking app will virtually eliminate the necessity for a pen and paper. It allows you to jot down your thoughts and ideas on the go. Taking notes on your Mac will help you finish your work faster, whether you’re at home, at the office, or somewhere in between.

Furthermore, people who like to work with visual notes such as photographs rather than textual content would benefit from the note-taking apps for MacBook. While there are a plethora of options, we will focus on the top note-taking apps for Mac in this article.

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Things to Look for in the Best Note-Taking App for Mac

There are a plethora of note-taking programs for Mac. As a result, it’s critical to seek the following elements to get the most out of note-taking capabilities.

  • The notes should organize into folders or categories. As a result, finding notes will be simple.
  • The finest note-taking app should include a sophisticated search feature that allows you to find photographs, handwriting, and other data.
  • It should be able to sync with all Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPhone.
  • A user-friendly and responsive UI should be included in every note-taking program for Mac.
  • It should be possible to add audio, photos, movies, and other media to the notes as an option.

Best Note-Taking App for Mac

The list of the best note-taking apps for Mac includes

1. Apple Notes App

Apple-Notes is the best note-taking program for the Mac. It is pre-installed on all Apple devices. As a result, it comes pre-installed on macOS and can be used to take notes. It comes with 5 GB of free iCloud storage, which you may use to save your notes. Apple-Notes allow you to create rich text notes that include images, audio, videos, hand-drawn sketches, documents, and other media. It allows you to make to-do lists, add web links, and attack scanned documents, among other things. You may organize your notes into folders or subfolders and access them with ease in addition to making them. Apple-Notes has a cleaner, simpler, and more user-friendly layout.

If you have the Note-Taking App on iPad and iPhone, you can sync your notes.

Apple Notes App

2. Evernote

One of the best note-taking apps for Mac is Evernote. You can enter your notes and access them from anywhere at any time. It comes with all the tools you’ll need to keep your work organized. Evernote for Mac allows you to write or capture ideas as searchable notes, checklists, or to-do lists. It allows you to take notes in a variety of formats, including text, photographs, audio, video, drawings, PDFs, and more. Using the Evernote app, you can clip and highlight web information and do academic research. Gmail, Outlook mail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Slack, and a variety of other services are all integrated.


What’s more about Evernote?

  • It allows you to set reminders, create agendas, and memos, among other things.
  • It will sync notes between devices, so you may access them from any device.
  • Furthermore, it’s simple to share and debate ideas with coworkers.
  • In Evernote, you can invite anyone to join your work at any time.
  • Choose from a variety of fully customizable templates to save time.

3. Bear: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

With the Bear software, you can take wonderful notes on your Mac at any time. It allows you to jot down your thoughts as notes while remaining focused on your work. Bear is a great note-taking program for Mac with a lot of useful features. You can use the to-dos, for example, to stay on track. Similarly, Bear app users can link notes to create a body of work.

To download Bear App free, click here.

Bear: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

What’s more on Bear?

  • Use hashtags to keep your notes organized.
  • On the notes, it provides complete in-line image support.
  • You may use Bear to access themes, fonts, and other features to make your notes look awesome.
  • Each note is encrypted, and passwords can be used to secure it.
  • Notes can be edited and exported as a Word or PDF file using the bear app.
  • It has a powerful markup editor and supports more than 150 programming languages.

4. Microsoft OneNote

The OneNote program for Mac allows you to take excellent notes. It’s a stand-alone note-taking tool for jotting down your ideas. You can divide notes into parts and pages using the OneNote software. It will easily arrange your notes and allow you to locate them. You can take notes, highlight text, and annotate with ink. To collaborate in a shared notebook, share notes with coworkers or acquaintances. You can look for notes more quickly using the sophisticated search function. OneNote for Mac allows you to make sticky notes for fast memos.

One Note

What’s more on OneNote?

  • Never-miss notes are marked with to-do or important tags.
  • It allows you to upload audio, web movies, files, and other types of media.
  • Users can type text anywhere on the flexible canvas.
  • It synchronizes notes and allows you to access content from several devices.
  • Share and collaborate on notes in real-time, and stay on the same page.

5. Zoho Notebook

One of the best note-taking apps for Mac is Zoho Notebook. Users can create notes using text, photos, or audio. It can be used to make a checklist note in addition to taking notes. As a result, you can use Zoho Notebook to build and mark the checklist. Users can also draw or scribble down handwritten notes on the information. All notes will be synced between devices with cloud support. Drag a picture into the notebook to create or choose a notebook cover. You can save the information to the Notebook, which will thereafter be transformed into a lovely note using Smart Cards.

Zoho Notebook

What’s more on Zoho Notebook?

  • It’s not only free, but it’s also free of advertisements.
  • If two notes are linked, you can link them together.
  • To make it easier to find and organize your notes, use tags.
  • It allows you to search for things in images, text within photos, and more.
  • To add relevant content, choose from a variety of cards such as a link card, a video card, or a recipe card.

6. Ulysses

Ulysses allows you to create beautiful Notes on your Mac. It’s a full-featured writing program that focuses on efficiency. Ulysses is a text editor with markup that operates similarly to a word processor. Images, links, footnotes, and other styles can be added. Ulysses includes document management in addition to writing. It can convert text into PDFs, e-books, and Word documents with ease. Use the live preview feature to instantly see the result and take action to improve it.


What’s more about Ulysses?

  • It has a user interface that is clean, simple, and free of distractions.
  • To find information quickly, use filter options such as keywords, text, and change date.
  • All of your writings are immediately saved and preserved locally.
  • Exports your writings as HTML, Markdown, PDF, e-books, and more formats.

7. Standard Notes

It’s a one-stop shop for storing personal notes, to-do lists, tasks, and more. All the notes are confidential and encrypted from beginning to end. As a result, no one will be able to view or access the notes you’ve produced. It is lightweight in comparison to other note-taking apps, therefore it works quickly. The notes you have created using the Standard Notes app are optimized for a lifetime and will be available for the long term.

Standard Note: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

What’s more about Standard Notes?

  • Standard Note is a note-taking program that is free and open-source.
  • Make meeting notes, keep a health and fitness record, and so forth.
  • All of your notes will be synchronized across all of your devices.
  • This tool can be used to make private journals, books, and more.

8. Simple-Note

Simple-Note allows you to save your ideas and discoveries as digital notes. It is the most basic note-taking tool that allows you to take notes without being distracted. Simple-note makes it simple to create and edit notes on your Mac. All of your notes will be synced across all of your devices, allowing you to access them from anywhere. The Markdown format allows users to write, preview, and publish notes. It doesn’t deal with images and handwriting.

Simple NOTE: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

What’s more about Simple-Note?

  • Using tags and pins, you may stay organized or discover notes quickly.
  • You can collaborate with others or share a list and notes.
  • It also allows you to publish your notes online.
  • You can get to the last backup version of notes by dragging the version slider.

9. Boost Note: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

You can effortlessly increase your creativity and productivity with Boost Note for Mac. It’s more of a markdown editor than a note-taking program, as it’s designed specifically for developers. Boost Note is an open-source program that may be downloaded for free. It allows users to take notes on the fly in real-time. It not only allows you to write notes, but it also allows you to edit them without the need for the internet.

Boost Note: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

What more on Boost Note?

  • In more than 100 languages, you may highlight code syntax.
  • Supports the creation of well-organized text notes.
  • It allows you to take notes or record a memo while in a meeting.
  • Because it focuses on writing markdown notes, Boost Note can accept code snippets.

Final Verdict: Best Note-Taking App for Mac

You can try any of the options listed above if you wish to try a different note-taking app on your Mac other than Apple Notes. We’ve compiled a list of them after thorough research so that you can enjoy the greatest note-taking experience possible, whether at home or at work.

Are there any best note-taking apps for Mac PC we have left? Then share it with us and let us include it in the list. Stay connected with us over Facebook and Twitter page for more useful tech articles

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