10 Best Must Have Chrome Extensions

You may know that Google Chrome is the most-utilized Web browser around the world being used by million of users daily. However, still the best Google Chrome extensions available in Chrome Web Store can make the experience far and away superior. All things considered, Google Chrome as of now offers quick execution, an impeccable interface and simple matching up with cell phones. In any case, great extensions can offer much more. We are going to tell you about the 10 best must have Chrome Extensions.

So, here we will discuss that which extensions must be an essential for your Google Chrome Web Browser? We have done an amazing work of looking through a number of Google Chrome extensions and we have made a great list of collection of Google Chrome extensions to help you pick out the best for you. We suggest that you try out all of these extensions. There is a lot of variety in Google Chrome extensions which allows you to choose your required extension according to your needs.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions

The developers have been making such extensions for a long time now and have created extensions in almost every aspect. You can find Google Chrome extensions to range from simple screenshot taking extensions to most advanced extensions like running a whole script to automate your tasks and working on a website. You can even block those annoying ads on the websites as well simply by installing and enabling the Google Chrome extensions.

It is simple just like that. You can also find fun extensions like background changing extensions which change the background of all the web pages currently opened in your browser. Time to get Creative with it! Read through our article of 10 Best Must Have Chrome Extensions and we are confident that you will surely find one or two extensions that will amaze you and make your browsing more easier and more fun.

Though remember that some Google Chrome Extensions hinder the Google Chrome’s functionality and poorly made plugins can even cause you to lose your important work by crashing the browser or other faults. But do not worry, Google Chrome includes new limitations and restrictions on extension developers that should help moderate the issue and ensure the safety.

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Must Have Chrome Extensions

Here is the list of 10 best must have Google Chrome extensions:

1. Earth View

Earth View Google Chrome

It is a simple Google Chrome extension that is really just amazing for users around the World mostly who travels. This extension is also known as one of the Best extension among 10 Best Must Have Chrome Extensions for all users. Earth View generates different and random satellite Earth images from Google Earth. It displays these random Google Earth images every time you open a new tab in your browser.

Earth View just does not simply show images; rather it also tells you the information about the image. It displays the name of the location so that you can take a virtual tour to many new locations on Earth. Among many Google Chrome New Tab extensions, this one is surely the most favorite one.

2. Browsec VPN

Browsec Free VPN

Privacy is becoming more popular as the digitization of World is growing day by day. By using Browsec VPN you can not even access to locked content but you can also save your a** by kicking some hacker or company. You can consider Browsec VPN one of the best and must have Chrome extension out of 10 Best Must Have Chrome Extensions in the list.

One of the best feature of Browsec VPN is that it is freely available to all individuals and for all devices likewise Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android and also even for all types of browsers. Some of the best features of Browsec VPN which is one of the best among 10 Best Must Have Chrome Extensions are as following:

  • Let you access any content on the internet.
  • Provide unmatched high connection speed.
  • Also let you change your location by using a virtual location.
  • Available for all browser.
  • Easy installation in a single click.
  • Free to use for all persons and organization.
  • Premium is also available along with many other location access and features.

3. Black Menu

Black Menu Google Chrome Extension

Black Menu is indeed a lifesaving Google Chrome extension for busy, office and multi-tasking people alike. It is in particular beneficial for freelancers, authors and publishers. Office people who are working all day on computer need to do their job along with constantly checking their emails for new orders, instructions or information must have this great Google Chrome extension.

Similarly, freelancers and authors need to keep checking their email accounts for new emails for communication as communication is an integral part of their work. Opening Gmail or Google Drive every now and then consumes a lot of time, plus it also distracts the mind of the original task the person was doing.

Well, here is the solution for you in the form of Black Menu Google Chrome extension. Black Menu is a small pop-up window in the corner of your browser which allows access to all Google features like Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, etc.

4. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus ABP for Chrome

AdBlock Plus blocks all types of ads on the Google Chrome. We all are irritated by those too frequently popping-up annoying ads on the web browsers. Everyone wants to stop those ads from disturbing our work or disrupting our focus off of our working.

Well, the AdBlock Plus Google Chrome extension provides this service of keeping those ads away by preventing ads from appearing on YouTube and all other websites. Some websites do not work with this extension enabled but we can customize this extension for every web page.

5. Google Translate

Google Translate Chrome Extension

Google Translate is an amazing and must have Google Chrome extension for those who read, write or do related stuff on the web like blogging, news or article writing. It will also let you view translation as you browse the web in any of your preferred language.

Moreover, this wonderful Chrome Extension simply allows you to translate complete web page with just a click from the toolbar of the extensions in the Google Chrome Browser. It also has another feature of automatically detecting language and offering to translate the web page if it is different from you default language.

6. Panic Button

Panic Button must have chrome extension

Panic Button is a little bit nasty Google Chrome extension. When clicked, this plugin will close all of your open tabs in the Google Chrome browser and save them as temporary bookmarks for later use. Moreover, it will simply allow you to hide all of your buttons with in a single click.

However, many thanks to the Panic Button Google Chrome Extension, which allows you to take a break between your long day at work or your computer labs. When you click on the hide button it saves all your tabs which are open into a folder and also show the number of hidden tabs in green color. You can also access and open these tabs any time.

7. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader Chrome Extension

Mercury Reader is another simple yet powerful must have Google Chrome extension. The extension is like a blessing for the online readers. This powerful and reliable extension is basically engineered to provide you an easy ready environment on web pages by removing unwanted content and ads.

Moreover, It also allows the reader the function name “Read it later” functionality to bookmark pages for reading later. Mercury Reader also re-formats the webpage to show a reading-focused layout. It is a customiz-able extension to suite your preferences. This extension also allows importing documents to your account after creating and account and logging in.

8. Feedly Chrome Extension

Feedly Chrome Extension

Feedly is the standard most used and one of the best must have Google Chrome browser extension for RSS readers on the internet. After adding this extension into your chrome browser you can organizes all of your RSS Feed. Moreover, Feedly also displays its icon on the supported websites.

Furthermore, Feedly also let’s you save web pages for later acces and reading. A small icon of feedly display on the web page after adding into chrome. By using this icon you can do the following work with a single click:

  • You can email a web page
  • also let you save page for later access
  • Add website to your feedly account
  • Also allow you to tweet pages
  • Let you share web page on Facebook

9. Better History

Better History for Google Chrome

Better History is the must have extension for those who have to get in interaction with Google Chrome History a lot for their work. It enhances the look of History tab by showing a horizontal calendar for easy navigation to specific dates. Better History’s search tools allow you to search through your history for terms in a page title or within the page itself. It is a best must have chrome extension.

10. Screencastify

Screencastify Chrome Extension

Screencastify is a web browser screen recording tool. The extension allows recording browser screen along with audio and all other tools. It even allows webcam as well.

This Screencastify extension also has other features like spotlighting mouse pointer and pen drawing etc. It has this great feature of automatically saving these recordings to your Google Drive.

The free version of this must have Google Chrome extension limits videos to 10 minutes each with a 50-video limit per month and a watermark. However, $29 annual subscription allows for unlimited video length, video editing, and expanded export options.

Do you need a video editing software to edit your videos recorded with Screencastify?

Do not worry, we have got it covered too!

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