10 Must have Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

A desktop web browser hailed as one of the best in Mozilla Firefox. The add-ons for Mozilla Firefox can make your desktop browsing experience a lot better. They allow you to control the functionality of your browser by adding some frequently used tools to your browser. These tools increase the privacy of your browser and enhance its productivity. Further, the add-ons help you customize your browser and give you anything you want for better browsing. 

List of the Best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

The enormous add-ons for Mozilla Firefox are present. And it’s hard to choose the best through the myriad of options. After carefully considering the users’ review, functionality, and research we have listed these top 10 add-ons for Mozilla. These add-ons have everything and offer you want. 

  1. Lightshot 
  2. Disconnect 
  3. Grammarly
  4. uMatrix 
  5. Dark Reader 
  6. Cookie AutoDelete
  7. Ghostery
  8. Clippings
  9. Tabliss
  10. LastPass

Let’s dive deep into the review of each extension. 

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Best Must have Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

The add-ons for Mozilla Firefox improve your user experience. We have reviewed each add-on that improves the security of your browser, allows you to take screenshots, improves your writing skills, deletes cookies, optimizes the screen brightness, and much more. So, take a peek at the review of each add-on. 

1. Lightshot- Must Have Add-on for Mozilla  

lightshot-best add-on for Mozilla

Want to take a screenshot of your browser’s screen? Lightshot is the must-have add-on that makes taking the screenshot which is a bit of a daunting task quite easy. For Mac users, it is an impressive add-on for Mozilla. It is pretty easy to use and has a simple interface that lets you take multiple screenshots continuously. Even beginners find it perfect as its numerous editing options are easy to navigate. 

Moreover, you can customize the screenshot and add texts, shapes, and colors you like. Impressively, it allows you to search the related images online. Further, you can share the screenshots with your friends on social media.  


  • Available as a free Firefox extension 
  • Lightweight and fast screen capture 
  • Comes with many editing features 
  • Save and share screenshots 


  • Lacks separate editing tools 

Bottom line 

Lightshot is a fast screen capture tool that allows you to take screenshots, edit them and then share them. 

Get Lightshot

2. Disconnect- Privacy Add-on For Mozilla

Disconnect is a feature-rich tool that has a cluttered-free interface that is simple to use. There’s no denying that when you visit a site, your data is at risk of being tracked by the sites you visit. In such instances, Disconnect is a valuable choice to keep your data private. It tracks all the sites and disconnects them. 

Disconnect-,ust-have Add-on for Mozilla

Additionally, it gives you an excellent browsing experience by keeping the heavy data away from your browser. This way it improves the battery life of your device. Besides Mozilla, this multi-platform tool supports many other browsers.  


  • Effectively blocks some streaming sites
  • Malvertising blocker 
  • Offers good encryptions
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android 


  • Does not contain many customization features
  • Speed is a bit slow 

Bottom line 

This privacy-oriented add-on contains a privacy package at an affordable price. It is a much-needed privacy solution for unwanted tracking. 

Get Disconnect

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is the real-time writing assistant that makes your writing error-free and add style nuances to it. Writing on Grammarly editor can be overwhelming. It provides all the formatting tools such as bold, italics, underlines, headings, and much more. 

Grammarly- best add-on for Mozilla

Further, it provides a Grammarly score that shows how much improvement has been made in your writing. Besides making your writing free from grammatical and spelling mistakes it makes sure that your writing is easy to read. Its customizable feature is a piece of cake for those who want to add new words to its dictionary. Also, it lets you choose your preferred language. Overall it is very simple to use and you can’t regret adding this tool to your Mozilla Firefox. 


  • Accurate grammar checker 
  • Compatible with mobiles and tablets 
  • Premium version makes your writing flawless


  • It could be a bit expensive 
  • You can’t use it while offline 

Bottom line 

Grammarly is a powerful and reliable online spelling and grammar checker. It helps you giving the flawless writing and improves readability.

Get Grammarly

4. uMatrix

uMatrix is also known as micro matrix is the great extension that blocks or allows the websites to secure the data. It comes with many privacy-enhancing tools to assure the privacy of your browser. It provides you full control over your browser and lets you download the data you want to be downloaded.

uMatrix- add-on for Mozilla

As a whole, it aims to give you a safer online experience. uMatrix color coding of blocked and unblocked traffic enables you to identify blacklisted (red color) and whitelisted (green color).


  • It provides efficient blacklisting 
  • Enhance your browser speed 
  • Feature-rich extension
  • Offers many customizable features 


  • A bit difficult to use and tech-savvy oriented tool 

Bottom line 

If you are looking for an ad-/blocker for Mozilla Firefox, uMatrix is your answer. Besides ads, it blocks cookies, script, CSS, and media. 

Get uMatrix

5. Dark Reader- Must have Add-on for Mozilla

Too much screen time can affect our eyesight. Nothing better than a tool like Dark Reader can do to offer protection to your eyes while using the screen. It adjusts the colors and contrast of your screen and makes it easy for you to do your tasks without affecting your skin. 

Dark Reader- Mush have Add-on for Mozilla

Also, you can customize its settings to edit the brightness, colors, and grayscale of web pages. Moreover, its image handling feature keeps the images in original colors while inverting the sites. 


  • Makes reading easy for you 
  • Invert brightness for web pages
  • Offers an amazing theme generation mode 
  • Customizable settings for each site 


  • Some icons are a bit tough to see 

Bottom line 

A dark Reader is an open-source tool that adjusts the colors of the screen and allows the users to work more effectively. 

Get Dark Reader

Are you looking for the best Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, then here is the best option for you. Cookie AutoDelete is a well-designed and highly rated extension for Firefox and chrome based browsers. It is one of the first Web extensions for web browsers that provide adequate support in auto-deleting the cookie functionality. 

Cookie Autodelete- must have add-on for Mozilla

It is compatible with a different type of site data along with its added features. For example, it will automatically delete the cookies from closed tabs. The main features of Cookie AutoDelete include the whitelist and greylist support, precise site data from the domain, manual mode cleaning through popup, and many more. Ensure that you enable the auto-clean to clear the data automatically. 


  • Automatically delete all cookies 
  • Shows number of cookies set by the site
  • Active mode prevents accidental removal of cookies 


  • Lacks support for clearing the Local storage 
  • Takes time to set up 

Bottom line 

Cookie AutoDelete is a great add-on that controls all the cookies and removes unwanted cookies and makes your browser secure. 

Get Cookie AutoDelete

7. Ghostery- Anti-tracking Add-on for Mozilla

Ghostery is one of the popular Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox as it has anti-tracking and ad-blocking browser extensions. It is a well-designed extension that takes 15 seconds to load and analyze the webpage. After that, you can configure and remove the cookies entirely. Finally, you will have a detailed view of the information. 

Ghoshtery- addon for mozilla

It will allow you to create an account that you will use to sync the settings and browser data. Manufacturers know that everyone wants to keep their privacy, so it is optional to provide the email and password. 


  • Powerful and easy to use
  • Blocks ads and trackers 
  • A lightweight add-on that does not use much space 
  • Stable and customizable 
  • Provides VPN protection 


  • Takes some time while using for the first time 

Bottom line 

This tool blocks ads and trackers to offer you a secure browsing experience. Also, you get VPN protection with this tool. 

Get Ghoshtery

8. Clippings

Clipping is a fantastic extension for selected web pages and emails. Clippings’ primary purpose is to save the frequently used text and clips that you need to recall after a short time. However, clipping allows the users to utilize the extra functionality like save the text source and many more. Moreover, it is vital to deal with the emergency as it has shortcut keys for every clipping. 

Clippings- add-on for Mozilla

Moreover, it supports several languages like English, French, Portuguese, and German.  The main features of clipping include importing or exporting the clippings, saving frequent texts, clipping manager, sync, and placeholders. 


  • Effectively save frequently-used texts 
  • Offers extra functionality options 
  • Allows you to import/export clippings 
  • Available as a free tool 


  • Slows sometimes 

Bottom line 

If you are looking for the Mozilla extension that lets you save the text along with its source, Clippings is the right choice. 

Get Clippings

9. Tabliss- Add-on for Mozilla

Tabliss is one of the famous and exciting extensions for the Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox. It allows the users to customize the new pages along with images, solid colors, GIFs, photos, etc. It is a lightweight software with various features. The highlighted features of Tabliss include analog clocks, weather, digital clock, daily quotes, direct links, fast access to your sites, customized search box, and many more.

Tabliss-Must-have add-on for Mozilla

It comes in different languages and edit features, including blur and darkens options. Moreover, it runs smoothly and looks neat without lagging the browser. It has some unique and cool features that significantly help you and make your experience better. 


  • It is a secure and easy to use tool
  • An online forum is available 
  • Excellent customer support
  • It offers good performance
  • Available as freemium 


  • Not any cons yet  

Bottom line 

It makes browser management easy so that you manage the tasks more effectively. With background plugins and customizable features, it is a must-have extension for Mozilla. 

Get Tabliss

10. LastPass- Add-on for Mozilla for Password Protection

Lastpass is superior to all other software for Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox as it has excellent features and an intuitive interface. Though firefox does not have a built-in password manager, the Lastpass extension helps to choose the master password reminder. It will also encrypt and backup all your previous and current passwords. Moreover, if you have the mobile app, then it also accesses their passwords for syncing. 

LastPass- Add-on for Mozilla

It allows the users to securely manage their passwords, private information like bank details and bills. Moreover, you can keep a record of your documents by putting in solid passwords. Lastpass is a secure and straightforward extension for the firefox password manager. 


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with many devices 
  • Focuses on weak passwords
  • Good ramped up security 


  • Lacks live support to customers 

Bottom line 

LastPass offers the value of money by providing excellent privacy features. It has an intuitive design and is easy to use. It makes sure that your passwords are looked at and secured thoroughly. 

Get LastPass

Summing up Best Must have Add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is infamous for its incredible security features. You can complement the performance of this browser by adding some extensions to it. And that’s what this roundup is about. Hopefully, you have got sufficient knowledge of each add-on for this browser and this round-up would help you choose the right tool. Further, you can take a peek at our recommendations:

Lightshot- For taking screenshots 

Disconnect- For making your browser secure

Grammarly- For better writing experience 

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