8 Best Music Production Software

Music production is all about putting the sounds and vocals together to give listeners a soothing experience. Therefore, the best music production software to develop your ideas into music is all you need to go creative and productive.

Whether you work on Mac or windows, you would require music software to support your digital audio workstation. Obviously, you would require instruments and vocals but having the right software is also equally important to compose the music.

Give your passion the right platform to bring in more creativity and later you could make yourself known in music studios around the world.

List Of 8 Best Music Production Software

In case if you are a beginner and it is getting difficult for you to figure out the best music software that meets your standards. We provide a solution to your problem by providing you the list of 8 Best Music Production Software.

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1. Propellerhead Reason 10

Propellerhead Reason 10 Music Production Tool

Propellerhead is known to be the best music production software because of its plugins and effects. It comes featured with fully loaded instruments, sounds, and effects to meets your standards for music creation.

You’d begin to love the functioning this much software has. Starting from rhythmic modulation effect to any number of possibilities you would like to have in music. The high usage rate of Propellerhead is because of the 3+ GB of drum samples and loops.

It’s quite recently that they launched a Matrix editor that makes your music layered with unlimited audio, layering loops, and software instrument tracts.

Key Features Of Propellerhead Reason 10 Music Production Software

  • Extension Plugins: It comes featured with the Rack and VST extension plugins so that you could use them whenever it is needed.
  • Effects and Instruments: You get to have a wide range of effects and instruments to any type of music.
  • Fully equipped: Propellerhead comes equipped with sampled instruments, a huge supply of sync sounds, loops, and a flexible studio piano.
  • Reason’s Intuitive Flow: Add creativity to your music with the sonic palette and the intuitive flow that this software comes with. You get to have everything that is needed to create a unique musical track.

You should go for Propellerhead Reason 10 Music Production Software to try the limitless possibilities for musical creativity.

2. Steinberg Cubase

steinberg cubcase

Steinberg Cubase is the music production software that begun as a MIDI sequencer and laid the foundation for the block-based arrange screen. With the frequent updates in its software, it is now being used as full-fledged music production software.

Although more and more music production software is being launched Cubase has never fallen from its position. Its price is quite reasonable despite the huge variety of features it offers. Just to name a few it comes with an extensive sound library, excellent plugins, and much more.

The latest version of Steinberg Cubase is Cubase 11 that bought virtual studio technology and has developed a WaveLab audio editor that is known to be the best.

Key Features Of Steinberg Cubase

  • Sampler Track: This feature of the Cubase lets you choose from any of the four available modes. These modes are Manual, Grid, Transient, and Transient+Grid. With these options, you can finetune the outcome of your music in different ways.
  • Two integrated syncable LFOs: Cubase’s latest version comes equipped with the two integrated syncable LFOs that can be assigned to panning, filter, amplitude, and pitch of the music.
  • Noir from Robert Dudzic: This feature combines the effects and soundscapes that make the interface of this software pretty cool.
  • Dynamic EQ: Steinberg Cubase has the distinguishing feature of dynamic EQ that is available on the Frequency 2 plugin.

Give no second thought to this pro music production software.

3. GarageBand – Music Production Utility

GarageBand powerful music production

GarageBand is one of the best music production software that suits well for beginners. It comes with nearly all the basic functions and features one needs to create a musical track. Moreover, you get to have the sound library that includes an incredible selection of percussionists and drummers, present instruments for guitar and voice.

Not just this but GarageBand allows you to plug in your mic or guitar and choose from the various realistic effects and amps. Guess what? It even lets you create human human-sounding. You get to have the built-in video tutorials in case if you are not familiar with GarageBand functioning.

Key Features Of GarageBand

  • Power Synths: This feature lets you go creative with the shape and shifting controls. The transform pad smart control lets to alter the sounds as per your requirements.
  • Touch Bar Feature: This touch bar feature it becomes easy to create, learn, play, record, and share your musical creation with the world.
  • Drummers of various styles: With GarageBand, you get to have 28 beats‑making drummers of various styles so that you may alter the beats.
  • Intuitive Control: These controls would let you disable and enable the individual sounds while creating other musical functions.

You should go for GarageBand not only for the functional creation it provides but also for the instant feedback you get. This would enhance your skills.

4. Acid Pro 9 – Music Production Tool

Acid Pro 9 for music

Acid Pro 9 is yet another popular name when it comes to the best music production software. It is developed for Windows and has a simple interface. With this software, you can edit and remix the tracks real fast when compared to the other software.

Acid Pro 9 doesn’t bound you it rather provides you with complete freedom to play around with various features. The audio separation feature is its newest update that makes the functioning of Acid Pro 9 much powerful and faster. It has proved itself to be the right software for flexible routing.

Key Features Of Acid Pro 9

  • Automated Loop Matching: This technological feature of the Acid Pro 9 is like no other. The software automatically matches the loops to the tempo of the music and key. Hence it is smart software.
  • Extensive Loops and Library: With the range of loops and library you can create various unique tracks.
  • Pick-Paint-Play: This feature allows you to go creative by painting a new loop right into your timeline. As soon as you would click the play button, you’d be able to enjoy the creation.
  • MIDI Playable Chopper: This feature lets you put action to your imaginations by letting you play the samples to the recorded audios/music.

You should go for Acid Pro 9 because of its wonderful control support.

5. PreSonus Studio One

PreSonus Studio One

Studio One has launched years ago which makes it more developed, powerful, and featured. It is equipped with a fully developed score editor and responsive interface that makes music production more fun.

Studio One is all in one platform that lets you mix, record, produce, and master the musical creation. Its Start Page provides you with a built-in dashboard so that you could go creative with songs and sounds. The latest version of Studio One i.e. Studio One 5 allows you to add plugin effects, virtual instruments, and backing tracks.

Key Features Of PreSonus Studio One

  • Drag-and-drop Interface: Studio One is known to be the first software that launched the Drag-and-drop Interface. With this feature, you can add presets, virtual instruments, and even plug-in effects.
  • Analog mixing: This feature of Studio One lets you use your own collection of boutiques, classical analog signal processors of plugins, and vintage.
  • Staff Preset Feature: This is yet another feature that make Studio One a popular choice. The Staff Presets makes it easy and quick for you to create lead sheets automatically.
  • Multi Instruments: The Multi instruments of the PreSonus Studio One would give you the freedom to create a sound library of your own.

Let your musical creations have a productive experience with PreSonus Studio One.

6. Bitwig Studio – Powerful Music Production

Bitwig Studio music production program

Bitwig Studio is yet another best music production software that combines all the features that one requires in DAW. You get to have a variety of software instruments, audio loops, multi-track recording functionality, and much more.

What attracts musicians to Bitwig Studio is the drummer that automatically generates the beats. The smart control of this software makes the editing of the sounds more fun and pleasant. Guess what? Bitwig Studio could be controlled using your Logic Remote iPad app.

Key Features Of Bitwig Studio

  • Time-Stretching: This feature of Bitwig Studio analyzes the audio and then automatically stretches it. This makes editing much easier for you.
  • Sampler: A Sampler is a powerful tool that is responsible for boosting modulation possibilities, playback modes, massive multisampling editor, and advanced looping feature.
  • Audio Editing: This feature lets you edit the sound within a clip. You can do pitching, reversing, splitting, etc. efficiently.
  • Touch Support: Bitwig is featured with touch support so that you could have an easy and friendly experience creating your music.

We would suggest this software for its powerful tools and efficient functioning.

7. Audacity – Best Music Production Software

Audacity best music production tool of 2021

The next on the list of best music production software is Audacity. This is the free as well featured software that comes with MIDI capabilities and the latest GUI themes. It comes with frequent updates so that users could make use of every new feature available to create unique music.

You get to record live videos through a microphone, mixer, or recordings from other sources. The functioning is pretty simple. You can edit the soundtracks simply by keyboard keys. Moreover, Audacity can to export your recording into various file formats.

Key Features Of Audacity

  • Sound Quality: It supports the sound quality of about 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.
  • Effects: Audacity comes featured with the real-time preview of VST, LADSPA, and audio unit effects.
  • Accessibility: This yet another feature that makes Audacity the best in class. You get to use a large number of keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the tracks.
  • Recording: With Audacity the music creators can record live audios. It can even capture the streaming audios.

You should go for Audacity because it really does support the music creators by providing all its services for free.

8. Tracktion Waveform Free

Tracktion Waveform Free

The last software we have got on our list is Traction Waveform Free. This software is impressive enough to meet the standards of music production. It works smoothly both for PCs as well as Mac. Moreover, Tracktion Waveform is capable to host AU and VST plugins.

It is suggested to be the most suitable software for beginners because it is easy to use and has got basic features one requires to have in DAW. Once you get familiar with the free version you can upgrade to the paid version to enjoy further creations.

Key Features Of Traction Waveform Free

  • Quick Action bar: This feature allows you to add any shortcut action and buttons.
  • Arranger Track: With the Arranger Track feature you can manipulate the regions of your arrangements.
  • Quick Action Window: You get to set up a touch screen or multiple screens so that they could be dedicated as part of the app.

You should go for this software for its simplicity.

Verdict On Best Music Production Software

We provided you a detailed list of best music production software. The key features for each have been specified so that you could easily select the software that is most suitable for you.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you try your hands on some free software and then upgrade to the paid version.


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