Best laptop for Video Editing 2022

Best laptop for video editing you need all of them either you are a blogger or you start a YouTube channel.

If you really want to start video editing as a career then read this article with full concentration and pleasure. For example, you need high graphic software for your video editing then you want to choose one of the best bomber laptop for starting your career in field.

When we talk about high resolution laptop for graphic purpose then you should choose the best. If someone looking for best editing laptop in media field than keep stay with us. Because we explore some of the finest and best laptops for video editing.

You should buy these laptops either for personal use or for your professional career. So keep hustling on my web tech for learning the finest laptop for video editing 2021.

1- Dell XPS 15


Intel Core i5, i7 & Core i9 CPU Inside.

Intel UHD 630 Nvidia GTX GPU.

8/16/32 Giga Byte Random Access Memory.

512 Gb & 1 Tb HDD & SDD Hard Disk Drive.

15.6 Inch HDs Display.

If you really want to buy this silver metallic ballistic laptop combination then you are lucky. In this lap machine you find sRGB color scheme which enables your journey discovery.

All these sharp edges perform well due to its intel generation which is inside it. Also it will be bombastic with the peripheral features of the NVidia GeForce processing Unit.

In Dell XPS 15 the most attractive thing it’s sleek and beautiful design which attracts customers. Its Graphic performance supports the user feasibility and entertainment level. Also Dell enables one of the finest laptop battery life.

2- Apple MacBook Pro 14-Inch


Apple M1 Pro CPU

GPU Apple M1 Pro

Ram 32GB

1TB SSD Hard disk Storage

3.5 Pound Weight

12.3 inch HD Display

As all the world knows Apple has the best but also expensive laptop for use. Apple MacBook Pro has a sleek and responsive design. That Design Attract the most of the users attraction.

It has one more notable Feature and that is its excellent stellar battery life. Apple Mac Book gives a versatile function which is plenty of Ports for connectivity. Overall we talk about the performance of MacBook then there is no double thinking about its performance.

MacBook enables its HD Video display of 3024 X 1064 which contains pixels of 5.9 million in their LED Screen. So if you really want to buy something best then choose this MacBook Pro 14 Inch.

3- Alienware Laptop for Video Editing


Intel core i7/i9 with 8th Generation

Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU

8/16/32/64 GB RAM Inside

512 GB & 1 TB SSD & HDD Storage

17.3 inch Display

8.5 Pound Weigh

This is one of the best and powerful laptop for video Editing in 2021. This beast laptop is made with a combination of the 9th generation with Core i7. Also it contains the RTX 2080 GPU.

With all these features it will be a good choice for video editing either you use it personal or for professional use. Alienware has good graphics and overall exceptional performance. Alienware is upgraded with Latest Operating system from time to time.

This laptop contains an SSD Hard Disk Drive with the transfer rate of 1272 MB which is a good and prominent speed of data transfer. So you want to buy the best Alienware except all of the other laptop.

4- HP Spectre x360


Intel Core i7 inside.

Nvidia MX50 GPU

8/16 GB RAM Support

256/512 GB & 1 TB SSD Storage

15.6 Inch Display Screen

4.6 lbs. weight

Hp Spectre is the complete exceptional benchmark for your video editing career. If you use this one hand machine for a good purpose then there is no other best thing like this laptop.

Its colorful and sleek design makes it a more worthy and demanding laptop for video editing. In this lap machine some of the features are small but notable. These Features are really very beautiful to explore written below.

1- Colorful Panel

2- Sleek & Prominent Design

3- Excellent Battery Life

4- Comfortable easy use Keyboard Design

HP Spectre has the most precious thing: it’s sleek and designed programmed button which has a sensitivity pressure of 2048. At the end its Folding factor increased the market value of HP Spectre x360 laptop for Video Editing.

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