The Best Landscape Design Software Of 2022

With more and more individuals getting into the profession of Landscape designing the Landscape design software begin to get popular. Gone are the days when the professionals would use papers to make such designs. Now you have got the best landscape design software to make your job much easier and more fun.

Before getting into further details let’s discuss what exactly are the landscape designs. This is the art of arranging different structures to create an appealing outdoor space. With the software, you can do all this designing digitally which makes you even more proficient.

This software makes landscape designing easier in the following ways.

  • You get to see all the visuals and don’t really need to imagine them in your head.
  • The software makes landscaping simple.
  • You get to complete your task in a limited time.

List Of The Best Landscape Design Software Of 2022

Therefore, when you start looking for the landscape design software out there in the market. You have got hundreds of options and this makes the situation a bit chaotic. Obviously, You would like to know the compatibility of software, features it has and how it functions, etc.

However, there are some features that you should never compromise upon. Because you know the drill, the more efficient the features the more efficient would be the output. These features include AutoCAD file support, 3D modeling, freehand drawing, CAD designs, blueprint view mode, and free future updates.

Hence, in order to make your task easier for you we bring you an extensive list of the best landscape design software. The list is based on the personal research that we conducted.

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1. VizTerra: Best 3D Designing Software

VizTerra Best 3D Designing Software

VizTerra lets you go professional by the 3D visual landscaping designs it offers. You can add any 3D items like furniture, doors, and trees, etc. to with the “Smart Library” feature. Not just this but VizTerra allows you to convert 2D designs into 3D in no time.

If you work for some client, you can share your designs via picture or video through the video photo mode of VizTerra. Once you get to play around with this software, you’d realize that how user-friendly it is. Last but not the least, the pricing that it comes with is pretty suitable and affordable.

Key Features Of VizTerra

  1. Smart Integration
  2. Backyard planning templates
  3. Effortless collaboration.
  4. Quick Start Landscape Designs
  5. Compliance documentation


  • It offers free support so that you could get an instant answer to your queries from experts.
  • VizTerra is available for mobile phones as well.
  • It is relatively affordable software.


  • The graphics are a little outdated.

2. SketchUp: Best Free Software

SketchUp Best Free Landscape Software

If you have just begun your landscape designing and don’t want to spend much on software then SketchUp is the best choice you have. It is the web-based software that offers its services completely free of cost.

Like VizTerra Sketchup also lets you create the 3D models, and it comes with the CAD project management tools that are mentioned to be a must featured earlier. Whether you are a beginner or experienced you are good to go with this online landscape design software.

Key Features Of SketchUp

  1. Layer manager
  2. Lightning effects
  3. Animations
  4. 3D and 2D models
  5. Rendering


  • SketchUp is free online software.
  • It enables you to review the design within the browser.
  • SketchUp also offers customer support.


  • The only drill is that it doesn’t work offline.

3. Pro Landscape Home: Best for Realistic Designs

pro landscape home Best for Realistic Designs

Pro Landscape Home is the best landscape design software you have got for realistic designs. This software was designed to provide a solution for those who wanted a mobile app for landscape designing. It comes with an extensive number of objects and tools for creating an impressive landscape.

Guess what? Pro Landscape Home comes with the “Find a Professional” feature that allows you to connect to experts. This would help have assistance and recommendations for your work. You can share your designs on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Key Features Of Pro Landscape Home

  1. 3D Rendering
  2. One-Click Proposals
  3. Photo Imaging
  4. Lightning Design
  5. Easy to use CAD.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Pro Landscape Home comes with high-quality visuals.
  • The video tutorials it comes with let you work more smoothly and efficiently.


  • You might need to shift to other landscape software because Pro Landscape Home’s functioning is too simple.

4. iScape: Augmented Reality Software


If you’ve been wondering to develop the garden, kitchen, or even the parking area for your home then iScape is probably the best landscape software you have got. Why is it so? Because it comes with an augmented reality feature that gives you the best possible landscape you could go with.

Not just this, but you can also have a view of the desired location from different viewpoints. For this, all you would have to do is, take your phone to that location. Isn’t that smart? Moreover, iScape comes with a variety of visual objects.

Key Features Of iScape

  1. Visualization tool
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Proposal Features
  4. Design Tools
  5. Generate leads.


  • iScape is easy-to-use software.
  • You get to use it for free for home use.
  • It allows you to clone and mirror the objects.


  • It works only for Apple devices.

5. SmartDraw: Best in Market

smartdraw Best in Market

SmartDraw is yet another best landscape design software that is successfully providing its services for years. You could use it to build landscapes of decks, gardens, backyards, patios, and much more. Moreover, it works smoothly not only for PCs but also for mobiles.

SmartDraw comes with built-in templates so that you could have a good start. You can even avail of the company support for the resolution of the problem if there is any. Last but not least it comes with a variety of landscape icons and objects.

Key Features Of SmartDraw

  1. Multiple Language Support
  2. Effortless Collaborations
  3. Automation
  4. Integrations
  5. Visio Import and Export Capability


  • SmartDraw is known to be an affordable software.
  • It is secure software.
  • SmartDraw offers world-class support.


  • It doesn’t come with a free trial.

6. Garden Planner: Best Landscape Design Software

Garden Planner Best Landscape Design Software

Garden Planner puts an end to your search if you’ve been looking for a low-priced yet featured software. The latest version has a 3D view but all the planning that you do is in 2D. Therefore, you can add plants and other garden objects and control how they look.

Moreover, Good planner offers its services completely free of cost. You can even avail of the website license. Although it comes with limited features, it has got everything that one needs to have for a garden landscape.

Key Features Of Garden Planner

  1. Plant Customization
  2. Garden notes feature
  3. Designing and drawing tools.
  4. Vegetable Patch
  5. Properties Window


  • Garden planner is simple software.
  • You don’t have to pay for any subscriptions.
  • It allows you to customize the style, color, and size of plants and objects.


  • Some of you might find it too basic.

7. Home Design Software: Best For DIY

Home Design Software

Home Design Software is the best landscape design software you have for designing your home. It works pretty well not only with PCs but also with mobile devices. Moreover, it comes with about 3,000 garden objects to give you a variety of choices.

The advanced building tools of Home Design Software include framing, roofs, and foundations. All these tools allow you to design the model in 3D. Not just this, but when drawing the walls, windows, doors of the house the built-in program of Home Design Software updates the framing automatically.

Key Features Of Home Design Software

  1. 3D Library
  2. Live Chat Support
  3. Multiple Packages
  4. Architectural Software
  5. Samples Gallery


  • It comes with video tutorials to help you know the software well.
  • Home Design Software is available with a free trial.
  • You can buy or rent this software.


  • It suits only the home designs.

8. Terragen: Powerful Landscaping Software


Terragen is yet another best landscape design software that is used for creating animations and rendering landscapes. It let you create outdoor views with the high-quality visuals that are available in a wide variety.

What makes it even more popular is that Terragen has been used for creating visual effects in movies and game development. Moreover, you can adjust shadows and add other whether effects to make your design look more realistic.

Key Features Of Terragen

  • Silva3D Plant Model Sampler
  • XfrogPlants Sampler
  • AutoCAD File Support
  • Landscape Library
  • Realistic Animations


  • Terragen is available with free download.
  • You get to have a wide variety of tools.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.


  • Terragen doesn’t offer free future updates.

9. Pool Studio: Best For Swimming Pool Designs

Pool Studio

Pool Studio is the best option you have got for the 2D design of swimming pools. This software comes with powerful tools and simple designs. Hence, with all this featuring you can easily design the landscape design of your swimming pools.

You can even incorporate realistic 3D details in your designs for swimming pools or any other outdoor space. Therefore, you should give it a try because of its 2D and 3D graphics.

Key Features Of Pool Studio

  1. Photo and Video Mode
  2. 360 Degree Screenshot
  3. High-Resolution Graphics
  4. Variety of Objects


  • It lets you design the landscape with a library of elements.
  • Pool Studio works pretty simply.
  • It has high-quality visuals.


  • Pool Studio has specialization just in swimming pool designs.

Final Thought The Best Landscape Design Software

We have provided you with a list of the best landscape design software. These software have distinguishing features. Therefore, to make your task easier we have specified the features for each of these software.

The given list is based on the software’s compatibility, usability, user satisfaction, features, and expertise. Hence, you can easily identify the one that is suitable as per your requirement.


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