10 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch Golfers

Now Get rid of your previous gaming habits! With the appropriate Golf app on your Apple Watch, you can take your golf game to the next level. Apple Watch is primarily used to monitor messaging, sports, and other fitness activities. Apple Watch is handy for golfers in addition to accessing these services. Let’s have a look on best Golf Apps for Apple Watch.

It can now be worn as a golf accessory. You can use Apple Watch on a golf course whether you are a casual golfer or a serious golfer. The finest golf apps for Apple Watch are presented in this article, which will be quite useful for golf enthusiasts. You may also like to know about Best Drawing Apps for iPad & iPhone.

10 Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

The best Golf App for Apple Watch includes the following:

1. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

If you want to enhance your golf game, SwingU’s Golf GPS & Scorecard is all you need. It is the best free GPS rangefinder and scoring app for golfers. SwingU does not have a trial version or functional limitations. It is a very dependable app that can be accessed from anywhere. Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU is one of the Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch you would like to have on your arms.

Golf GPS & Scorecard by SwingU

What’s more about SwingU?

  • The digital scorecard keeps track of your scores and putts, allowing you to improve your game.
  • It allows you to enter three rounds of scores and receive a free handicap.
  • You’ll receive improved yardage and club choices with live wind speed and elevation data.
  • Your gameplay will be more engaging with in-round betting games.
  • You will receive 1-on-1 tailored training and sessions from a licenced golf instructor.


Get Looper Monthly membership at $3.99/month or opt for Lopper yearly membership at $24.99/year.

2. 18Birdies Golf GPS & Scorecard

18Birdies Golf GPS & Scorecard is all you need if you want to improve your golf gaming with your Apple Watch. At any time, it will help you get the most out of your game. The Google Maps-powered 18Birdies Golf GPS will double-check every tee marking, hole position, and landing zone. On the 18Birdies app, you can choose from over 6000 courses and book a tee time.

18Birdies Golf GPS & Scorecard

What’s more about 18Birdies?

  • It’s simple to find the distance with 18Birdies’ GPS Rangefinder.
  • With Stats & Round History, you can keep track of your stats, look back at previous rounds, and create goals to track your progress.
  • Every month, players have the chance to win a grand prize drawing or receive hundreds of quick wins.
  • 18Birdies includes a social feed feature that allows players to exchange swing videos, speak about equipment, and other golf-related topics with other golfers.
  • Premium lessons, advanced GPS data points, and other features help you improve your game.


Get 18Birdies Premium at $4.99/month or pay $44.99/year.

3. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie is available for Apple Watch users who wish to play the greatest golf possible. It’s one of the best golf apps for enhancing your game. The Golfshot app displays distances in real-time and has a database of over 45,000 courses. The most essential feature of Golfshot is that it allows you to ask Siri for the Distance to Green.

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

What’s more about Golfshot?

  • When you use Auto Advance and Voice Hole information, golfshot is completely hands-free.
  • Users will be able to see every other hole and its distance in 360 degrees via AR.
  • Play the best of golf by customising your collection with over 350 game-improvement videos.
  • Users can share their rounds, invite others to tee times, and organise a game.


Get Golfshot Pro at $6.99/month or pay $39.99/year.

4. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

Get the Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App if you wish to improve your golf game. It’s an Apple Watch-compatible app for golfers looking to better their game and performance. You may get precise GPS distances with Hole19. It also gives you access to over 42,000 golf courses from across the world. It’s a social golf app that allows users to share their scores with other players.

Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

What’s more about Hole19?

  • To keep track of your scores for each round, use the digital scorecard.
  • The shot distance will be properly measured by the GPS Rangefinder.
  • Know where you stand with important round statistics as driving accuracy, putting, and greens in regulation, among others.
  • Match Play allows you to challenge your friends to a game and keep score.
  • The high-resolution maps will make it easier to see the course and shots.


Buy Hole19 Premium Pro Monthly at $7.49/month or pay $29.99/6months or $49.99/year.

5. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line

With the GolfLogix GPS app on Apple Watch, it’s simple to concentrate on your golf game. Users will be able to hit even the most difficult targets with this software. The GolfLogix GPS app gives you access to greens, yardages, hole selection, and other features. It has all of the game enhancements that GolfLogix players require. With the exact GPS distances, improved Putt Line, approach view, and other features, you can play smarter.

GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line

What’s more about GolfLogix?

  • Virtually every golf course in the world is mapped with 35000 interactive 3D course maps.
  • It will bring you the accurate distance to each hazard and the layup on the course.
  • The users can analyze stats and scores for every other hole and round.
  • GolfLogix will help you understand Greens in a new level of detail.
  • Terrain data will be captured using advanced laser scanning which will be converted to coloured 3D maps.


Buy GolfLogix Champion membership at $19.99 or get Premium membership at $3.99.

6. Golf GPS++

Golf GPS++ for Apple Watch makes it simple to improve your game in each swing. The built-in motion sensor will aid in swing analysis and auto-tracking shots. Golf GPS++ is a stand-alone app that does not require any contact with the phone. While you’re playing, it’ll evaluate your putt in real-time. The GPS Range Finder will detect and count strokes automatically.


What more about Golf GPS++

  • With the Club distance and accuracy tracking tool, it’s simple to find the proper club.
  • More than 35000 golf courses are available for GolfGPS++ to estimate the distance between holes and hazards.
  • The golf swing will be detected by gesture recognition technology, and the game score will be automatically tracked.
  • The built-in swing analysis will display a variety of parameters such as tempo, swing plane, and hand speed, among others.
  • You can see tempo, take-back angle, take-back time, push-through time, and push-through angle with putt analysis.


Get Golf GPS++ premium at $4.99/month or $79.99/year.

7. TheGrint

With TheGrint, you can turn your Apple Watch into a golf watch. With its GPS Rangefinder, you may access over 37000 courses from across the world. From USGA-registered clubs, TheGrint provides a free golf handicap tracker. With complete suite Stats, it’s simple to figure out your strengths and shortcomings. Users can compete with foursomes in real-time using live scoring.


What’s more about TheGrint?

Track your progress as you play golf and upload your results for instant feedback.
The games and points will be calculated, including Stableford, high and low, skins, and so on. You can submit a photo of your scorecard and TheGrint will transcribe hole by hole scores with the premium version.

In the TheGrint app, users can effortlessly organize a foursome for the next tee time.
You’ll be able to see where you’re at all times thanks to living leaderboards, and you’ll be able to play with large groups.

8. FunGolf GPS

Any Apple Watch user may play interactive golf matches with FunGolf GPS. The intelligent indicators will allow you to keep track of your position on the course, yardages to the green and hazards, and compute statics, among other things. The FunGolf GPS app allows for automatic hole monitoring based on location or score. As a result, the golfer can easily enhance his or her game.

FunGolf GPS

What’s more about FunGolf GPS?

  • The FunGolf GPS app features a high-contrast map that can be read in direct sunshine.
  • Get automatic club recommendations based on your current lie and per-club distance.
  • It may be used without access to the internet. As a result, you are free to play anywhere in the world at any time.
  • After each round, the scorecard management system displays your score in stableford format and replicates your handicap index.
  • Find the average score, putts per hole, and other game improvements as stats with pro-grade data.


FunGolf GPS premium version costs $4.49/month or pays $19.99/year.

9. Golf Pad

Get Golf Pad for Apple Watch and start playing golf like a pro in seconds. There are almost 40000 courses from all over the world available. The rangefinder shot tracking, and scoring will all be available for free. Users are free to play as many courses as they desire. You can view actual aerial maps, estimate distances, and more using Golf Pad. You’ll be able to readily find the distance of each shot with Golf Pad Tags.

Golf Pad
Golf Pad

What’s more about Golf Pad?

  • You may see the average distance for each club and shot dispersion with Golf Pad.
  • Get detailed scoring for up to four golfers, tee-to-green shot and club tracks.
  • Measure the length of shots, record positions and clubs, and review shots on a map, with the shot tracker.
  • With statistics graphs, you can easily visualize your progress over time.
  • Golf Pad gives club recommendations based on averages, current conditions, distance to the target, etc.


Get a Golf Pad Premium subscription at $19.99.

10. Golf GameBook

Golf GameBook is one of the greatest and best Golf Apps for Apple Watch. The computerized scoreboard will keep track of your scores, putts, and game statistics. Golf GameBook is all you need if you want some extra data and private game features. This app’s unique features will assist you in improving your gold experience. You can effortlessly assess the distance and plan your next shot with GPS.

Golf GameBook

What’s more about Golf GameBook?

  • The GPS and Rangefinder will assist you in viewing the course map and calculating the distance.
  • Connect with the golfing community by getting live access to the game leader board for the main or side game.
  • Your stats will be saved in your profile, and you’ll be able to track your progress.
  • You may create tournaments for free using the pro-style real-time live scoring.


Get a Golf GameBook membership for $2.99/month or pay $19.99/year.

Conclusion: Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch

I hope this article has informed you about the top Apple Watch golf apps and their remarkable capabilities. We’ve left it up to you to choose the best golf app on your Watch. With any of the applications featured in this post, everyone will be able to enjoy the finest of golf. I hope you enjoyed reading Best Golf Apps for Apple Watch and decided one for yourself on behalf of this article. If you have any question just leave a message in comment section.

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