The Best Games for MacBook to Play in 2022

If you are a committed gamer, you should play these games on your Mac because they cover all popular genres. If you’re a regular Mac user, you’re probably aware that Mac computers aren’t ideal for gaming. Mac computers, on the other hand, are specifically designed for professional use rather than gaming. However, you can play a variety of big-name games such as Star-Craft, Life is Strange, and others. So, if you’re new to the MacBook and aren’t sure what game to play, we’ve compiled a list of the finest 15 Mac games.

You might not have given the top Mac games on the market a second consideration a few years ago. However, a lot may happen in just a few years. Apple’s ecosystem now has a lot more games, owing in part to the advent of Apple Arcade, which offers a tonne of new games to play. Furthermore, an increasing number of creators are making their games available for Mac users.

Overview: Best Games for MacBook

Although Mac gaming isn’t as popular as it once was, there is still a huge list of good Mac games. The finest Mac games you can play right now include a slew of outstanding strategy games, a sizable piece of the best indie games, and a growing collection of action games. Following are the best games for MacBook.

1. Fortnite

The best survival game for MacBook is Fortnite. If you don’t have PUBG on your MacBook, Fortnite will suffice. Epic Games, created this game as a leading maker of cutting-edge games. Fortnite will provide an incredible gaming experience by combining free to shoot with the last man standing. Games like Fortnite are simple to learn but difficult to master. The Epic Games website has the Fortnite game available for download. It’s one of the best free Mac games available.

Fortnite: Best Game for MacBook

2. Civilization VI

Fir-axis Games, An American video game developer, created Civilization VI. It’s the most recent installment in the Civilization franchise. The goal of the game is to build a civilization from the ground up, which is similar to the previous edition. It’s a strategy game, so you’ll need to put your best brain into it to win. This game for MacBook was released in October 2016. The game costs $59.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. It’s one of the most popular strategy games on the Mac App Store.

Civilization VI

3. Hitman: Best Game for MacBook

IO Interactive’s Hitman is one of the best action-packed games ever made. Gunfights and violent killings abound in this game. The main goal of this game is to kill the persons who have been chosen as targets. To master the game, you must have strong cognitive abilities. Games like these, on the other hand, will aid in the development of your cognitive abilities. The App Store does not have Hitman. You must pay $30 to download the game via the Steam Game Platform (approx). It’s one of the top Mac steam games.

Hitman: Best Game for MacBook.

4. Tomb Rider: Best Game for MacBook.

Tomb Raider is another action and best game for MacBook, and it costs for $29.99 on the Mac App Store. The game’s plot revolves around a young girl named Lara Croft, who is shipwrecked on a populated island and must battle for her life. The game’s ultimate goal is to get off the occupied island. Vintage weaponry and conflicts abound in this game. On January 17, 2014, it was released in the Mac App Store.

Tomb Rider: Best Game for MacBook.

5. The Lord of the Rings Online

Since the debut of The Lord of the Rings, various apps and games based on the film have been created on the internet. One of them is The Lord of the Rings Online. You can explore Middle-universe, earth build your own hero, and do a lot of other things in this game. You can even play as a villain, a servant of Sauron, in a battle against other gamers (monster player vs player). The Mac Apple Store does not have this game. You may grab the game for free on Steam. It’s one of the best free Mac games available on Steam.

6. Minecraft:

Minecraft is an amazing game that combines survival, creativity, and exploration into one package. You are dropped into a world where you must mine for resources. You begin by melting the metal with your own hands and progress from there. Survival, Creative, Adventure, Hardcore, and Spectator are the five-game modes offered in this game. Each game mode is distinct from the others. The Mac App Store does not have the game. You must download the game from the Minecraft website. The Minecraft games will set you back $26.95.

Minecraft: Best Game for MacBook.


It would be an indication that the best games aren’t racing games. GRID Autosport is one of the most popular racing games on Mac. The game costs $35.99 and is available on the Mac App Store. You can choose from a variety of game types, including rally racing, F1, drag racing, sprinting, and more. You can get a true sense of driving using GRID Autosport. Install the game and have fun driving.


8. Portal 2

Portal 2 is a puzzle game set in a science fiction universe. It’s a first-person perspective game with two gameplay modes: single-player and cooperative. The game’s ultimate goal is to explore the Aperture Science Laboratory, which is a complex-automated maze. The Mac App Store does not have Portal 2. The app is only available on the Steam Platform and costs $9.99. It’s one of the best Mac games.

Portal 2

9. Hearthstone: Best Games for MacBook

Hearthstone is a card game using characters from the World of Warcraft universe. The game is available for download for free and is not accessible on the Mac App Store. The game can downloaded from the official website. Blizzard Entertainment developed and published. The game has earned the British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer, making it one of the finest multiplayer games.


10. Gone Home: Best Games for MacBook.

Gone Home is a video game with a first-person perspective. It’s essentially a role-playing game. The player assumes control of Katie, a figure who can walk around the house. In this game, there is no clear goal. You must locate artifacts that will allow you to access new areas of the house. In order to proceed further in the game, one needs to find some specific objects that can give access to other parts of the house. Download the game from Steam.

Gone Home

11. F1: Best Games for MacBook.

Another racing game on the list is F1. Everyone will be familiar with Formula One and how an F1 race works. This is a game for all Mac users that want to feel like they’re in a Formula One race. F1 2016 and F1 2017 are two F1 games available on the Mac App Store. F1 is the world’s tenth most popular professional sports league. Feral Interactive Ltd created the Formula One game. This game will set you back $49.99. It is one of the best racing and strategy games available on the Mac App Store.

F1: Best Game for MacBook.

12. Kerbal Space Program

The Kerbal Space Program represents the next step in space exploration. It’s a space flight simulator computer game in which you’re in charge of a space program run by small green creatures known as Kerbals. With the available components, players can build spacecraft, rovers, and other space equipment. Capturing asteroids, building space stations, and reaching particular altitudes are just a few of the tasks that have been outlined. You are free to play the game however you want. You can put pieces together in a wacky way to see how they react, or you can do it professionally. The player is completely responsible for making the game enjoyable. The game is available on the Steam platform.

Kerbal Space Program

13. Rocket League:

Rocket League is a car-based football game. You will be driving a small car in this game. To score a goal with the automobile, you must dribble the ball and lead it to the opponents. The guy who scores the most goals at the end of the game wins the contest. You are given a neon-lit arena to play in. Controlling the game with automobiles will provide you with the excitement and fun that a genuine football game cannot. The game costs $19.99 and is available on the Steam platform.

Rocket League

14. Real Boxing: Best Games for MacBook

Real Boxing is a Mac App Store game which is free. You can experience the true thrill of boxing with spectacular sights. You can also play a multiplayer match with a friend. Hair, mustache, beard, tattoos, and the color of clothes, gloves, and shoes are among the many customization possibilities accessible in the game. It’s one of the best free Mac games available.

Real Boxing

15. Frontline Commando

On the Mac App Store, Frontline Commando is a free survival game. The third-person shooter game will immerse you in the world of combat. You can practice shooting assault rifles, snipers, rocket launchers, shotguns, and many other weapons. This game will reward you with a daily bonus, with the possibility of receiving an improved weapon on the 15th day. It is one of the best free action-adventure games accessible.

Frontline Commando

Conclusion: Best Games for MacBook

That concludes our discussion of the top MacBook games. Check the game requirements before downloading or purchasing any game.

If your favorite game isn’t on the list, let us know, and we’ll add it. For additional information, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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