8 Best Funniest Subreddits to Find Memes and Jokes

Let’s be honest. Memes and jokes abound on every social media platform. Memes are amusing pictures or films that have been modified to add sarcasm or comedy to a situation or event. Are you having a rough day? Memes and jokes may certainly brighten your day. Many people use Reddit to stay up with the newest news and trends. Members of the community who have created an account can contribute text, photographs, and direct links to amusing and intriguing memes and other stuff. I’ve been a Reddit member for quite some time, and I’ve subscribed to some of the best funniest Subreddits to find and share memes and jokes. I discovered a few amusing Subreddits, but there may be more. There are literally thousands of people on Reddit or Subreddits.

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Best Funniest Subreddits

1. r/memes

If you’re searching for some humorous Subreddits on Reddit, you should certainly check out r/memes. Since 2008, it has been one of the oldest Subreddits dedicated to memes and jokes. With over 15 million users, r/memes offers something for everyone. You name it: popular memes, contentious memes, or hot memes.

R/memes for memes and jokes on Reddit

Memes are not only entertaining, but they may also be educational. The r/memes Subreddit is quite busy, with thousands of new memes and jokes being submitted every day. It is, in my view, a must-follow Subreddit for meme and joke fans on the Reddit platform.

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2. r/DiWHY

DIY (Do It Yourself) videos abound on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. On these DIY channels, you’ll only find roughly 0.01 percent of the helpful items developed by men and women. Rest is either ineffective or irrelevant. If you find these DIY channels irritating as well, let’s make them our laughingstock. You may do so by subscribing to the r/DiWHY Subreddit.

R/DiWHY funny Subreddit

The DiWHY Subreddit, which has over a million users, provides photographs and videos of DIYs that are far from flawless. They’re actually very amusing. Think you’ve seen everything there is to see on social media when it comes to odd DIY projects? Take a look at DiWHY.

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3. r/therewasanattempt

On the r/therewasanattempt Subreddit, I’ve stumbled across some of the greatest memes and jokes. It’s a meme Subreddit dedicated to making you laugh at your mistakes. Yes. As the name implies, you’ll see a variety of memes in which people or animals fail to accomplish anything.

R/therewasanattempt the funniest meme Subreddit

When individuals fail at anything, we as humans have a tendency to laugh. This Subreddit is dedicated to memes depicting people or animals that fail miserably at their tasks. Over 2 million people subscribe to this Subreddit, and the community is very active.

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4. r/AnimalsBeingDerps

r/AnimalsBeingDerps is one of the funniest Subreddits on Reddit to follow if you like animals, especially dogs and cats, and their silly little endearing antics. I enjoy watching YouTube videos of cats and dogs, especially when they act amusingly. This Subreddit, on the other hand, will provide you with those lighthearted laughs.

R/AnimalsBeingDerps Subreddit

Over 3 million people subscribe to the Subreddit, which has a plethora of photographs and videos showing people’s dogs behaving badly. This Subreddit isn’t like the inflammatory sites you see on Reddit from time to time. Besides, the Animals Being Derps postings are both adorable (for animals) and amusing.

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5. r/CrappyDesign

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, good, well Some of the greatest literally terrible architectural design photographs can be found on r/CrappyDesign. “They just had one job, and all they could come up with was this???,” you’ll think as you look at the photographs. Not only are there awful font choices and graphic styles in the photographs, but there are also amusing photos from ordinary life.

R/CrappyDesign funny Subreddit

Over 2.5 million people follow it, and the community is quite active. With its content, this Subreddit will certainly make you chuckle or grin.

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6. r/PerfectTiming

Almost often, something amusing happens when you least expect it. R/PerfectTiming is one of the funniest Subreddits I follow. This Subreddit is full of precisely timed images of unexpected events or behaviors. Like a perfectly timed photo of a baseball striking a spectator’s beer just before it’s about to spill, or an unexpected shot that mimics the image written on a cup (both images are attached below).

R/PerfectTiming - one of the funniest Subreddits

Over 1.5 million people subscribe to the Subreddit. Although not all the photographs or posts on the r/PerfectTiming Subreddit are amusing, they are all interesting. In this Subreddit, you’ll also discover a lot of photos that have been photobombed.

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7. r/dankmemes Funniest Subreddits

This Subreddit contains the term “memes,” and you will undoubtedly find a plethora of amusing memes to share with your friends. You should join it because it has over 4.8 million users.

Funniest Subreddits - r/dankmemes

The majority of memes are ambiguous, yet they may make you giggle, at least while you’re alone. That isn’t to say that everything has a twofold meaning. On this subreddit, I’ve stumbled across some relevant memes that really make sense.

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8. r/Memes_Of_The_Dank

Our Subreddit is deserving of a spot on this list. It features a large collection of memes that are popular all around the world that people have submitted. The community allows you to filter memes by flair, such as NSFW, WTF, LOL!, and so on. The memes on r/Memes Of The Dank, like those on other meme forums, will certainly have your ribs twitching.

R/Memes_Of_The_Dank Subreddits

Memes-of-the-Dank has around 708K members and has been active on Reddit since 2016. Memes are well-formatted, allowing for simple navigation. Overall, there is a fair selection of memes to choose from, both in the photo and video format.

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Wrap Up: Best Funniest Subreddits

So, there concludes my contribution to this topic. These are some of the funniest Subreddits on Reddit that I follow. There are undoubtedly other Subreddits that will give you better memes and jokes, but these should get you started and keep you smiling. Until next time… Cheers!

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