6 Best Email Marketing Software in 2022

Email Marketing software is a tool which is very helpful to engage people for your product or business promotion. Moreover, it is also a big part that can increases your sale by making list of emails. These tools have the power to create email list, send high quality messages and get interaction of costumer towards the products and services.

By using these email marketing tools you can generate brand recognition, lead management, product launches, webinar, promote services and much more. Moreover, there are multiple features of email Marketing software including:

  • Auto-Responders
  • Analytics and reports
  • Subscriber and Unsubscribe management
  • Templates library
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • CRM integration
  • A/B testing
  • Personalization

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Best Email Marketing Platforms

There are many email marketing platforms around here that can provide free and multitasking services. Out of them some are premium also with many functionalities. However, we choose some best platform for email marketing that provides ultimate services and with the best tools and features.

Here is the list of few best email marketing software that help and assist you to choose a good platform according to your business requirements.

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Convert kit
  4. Getresponse
  5. Send in Blue
  6. Drip

1. Mailchimp (The Best Email Marketing Platform)

mailchimp email marketing software

Mailchimp is one of the incredible and exceptional email marketing software. This program is free to start and is also perfect for beginners and professionals as well. This incredible software allows you to send 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers with a click and yes absolutely free.

Moreover, it also has Drag and Drop functionality for creating emails, inserting images, and to manage templates. Mailchimp also has premium plans starting from $10/month for up to 500 subscribers. Premium plans depends on subscriber, as the subscribers increases the cost will also increase.


  • Integrates with many popular sites
  • Monitor the site and sales activity
  • Multi-step journeys
  • Free Email Templates
  • Grow your online business easily
  • Scheduled email lists
  • Audience management


  • A bit difficult to manage lists and Tags
  • Less available learning resources
  • Manual updation of email lists

2. ActiveCampaign

email marketing with ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign not only nurtures the sales process but also provides real-time behavior analysis. It has the best marketing automation and has a variety of platforms. It is intuitive but In the future, their interference isn’t going to be too overwhelming. Easily used by professionals and even beginners too.

Active Campaign has powerful software with built-in automation. Because of CRM and sales Active campaign is much better than mail chimp. But mail chimp is less costly than active Campaign. Its trial is free. It is best for company sales.


  • Powerful automation
  • Triggered campaigns
  • Dynamic Email content
  • Scalable software
  • Professional Communication


  • Pretty expensive
  • Need skills to learn
  • Support queue get very long
  • Deliverability problem

3. ConvertKit (Amazing Email Marketing Sevices)

convertkit best email marketing in 2020

ConvertKit is also one of the incredible email marketing software that allows you to share your business or product proposal with followers. One of the amazing feature of ConvertKit is that it is available free of cost with many tools and functionalities. However, premium options are also available that offers 14 days free trial before charging any fees.

ConvertKit is also the best option for beginners that gives a plain text style emails. It can also host live training and reliable support. Moreover, It also comes with free landing page. It also allows you to send 1000 email to subscribers with a click. It has multiple features of email marketing, email sign up forms and email designs.


  • Email Funnel
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost even available Free
  • Free migration from current marketing tool
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Customized Domain
  • Premium Support for 24/7


  • Limited template design
  • CRM is not present
  • Limited email customization
  • Overwhelming Interference

4. GetResponse

GetResponse email marketing

Like above given other email marketing platforms GetResponse is also one of the amazing platform among some top-notch email marketing software. You can actually use it as all in one marketing services because there are features like a landing page builder, a funnel builder, and webinar solutions and many others.

Moreover, it does not have any restrictions when it comes with affiliate marketing. So if you’re an affiliate marketer and use emails for marketing then GetResponse is a good choice. GetResponse let you send blog posts via email and also allows you to schedule your email according to your time. It comes with 30 days of free trial and $15 per month for the basic package. However, you can choose and customize your subscription according to your need.


  • AutoResponders Marketing
  • Landing pages support
  • Unlimited automation templates
  • Unlimited lead funnel
  • Let you sell e-products
  • Provides access to Webinars
  • Automation builder


  • No premium support is provided
  • There is no 2-factor authentication
  • Third-party involves a lot of integration
  • More costly than other competitors

5. Sendinblue (Bulk Email Marketing)

Sendinblue for bulk email sending

One of the fast-growing software in many countries mostly in Europe. It has drag and drop functionality that is helpful for beginners and also for professionals as well. Sending blue offers a free email marketing plan but have a limit of sending 300 emails per month. It improves internal communications and also let you create various email marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the basic premium plan starts from $25 per month that offers a variety of useful features. Sendinblue also offers you communication management, tracking, and advertisement with social media. As a result of its features, it grows and segments audiences without any restrictions. They have more advanced features in the premium plan. It also works best in marketing, advertising, and education industry as well.


  • Increase sale
  • Drag drop editor
  • Library of email templates
  • Email campaigns
  • Responsive email designer
  • SMS marketing
  • Landing page builder


  • Poor Marketing automation support.
  • No subscription or auto-renew for SMS Services.

6. Drip (Best Email Marketing Software for E-commerce)

Drip the best email marketing for e-commerce

Drip is also among one of the best email marketing software that offers you a free trial with many unique features. It is also the best software for bloggers, e-commerce and digital marketers. Moreover, this amazing email marketing software also offers you an easy personalization. Drip can also get you more sales with its incredible features that allow you to reach the target population.

Do you know why the Drip is one of the best email marketing software? Because it allows you to send bulk emails for marketing automation and helps to built and launch campaigns. On the Main screen of the Drip platforms it includes a dashboard that shows analytics and metrics engagement. It stores the customer data that is also available in the dashboard.


  • Detailed email analytics
  • Increase in revenue through sales
  • Best for e-commerce sites
  • Advance Marketing Strategy
  • Premium support
  • 14 Days Premium Trial for Free
  • Deep segmentation


  • Lack of CRO feature
  • Limited form builder

How Much Does Email Marketing Cost?

The cost of email marketing completely depends on your amount of subscribers and the amount of messages or emails you used per month. As you increase the subscriber the cost will also increase accordingly. We listed above the best email marketing software that are being used by millions of users and professional. However, it totally depends on your type of business.

However, the overall cost incur between $20 to $300 normally. Your expense may be nearer to $500 every month or higher, After utilizing an email marketing program. So, it is recommended that choose your email marketing platform according to your need and type of business.

As we described above that each software contains its own tools and features. Although all above are the best email marketing software that we suggest. So it totally depends on the nature of your business or type of your need.

However, after going through all the tools, feature and functions of the above listed marketing platforms. You must have made your mind according to your requirement. While concluding, our favorite 3 picks considered for the best email marketing software are as under:

  1. Convert kit  – Best for small business
  2. Sendinblue – Effective marketing program and best email service
  3. Drip   – Best pick for e-commerce websites.


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