Best 5 Cloud Service Providers 2022

Nowadays cloud service providers are the most searchable and notable platform because every organization and business firm wants to save their data for long use. That’s why here we tell you about the top 5 cloud service provider 2022.

According to a survey report cloud computing and cloud storage migration rapidly increased from several years which increased the income ratio of service providers in terms of billion dollars. Now I’ll tell you about most of the popular & top cloud service providers in 2022.

1.  Amazon Web Service (AWS)

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is the most demanded and used cloud service all over the globe, it is the only one on the top of the heap. Amazon cloud service launched in 2002 started with scrape but now AWS is the most popular service platform all over the world.

Amazon web provides the fastest cloud access to their customers and provides 165 fully supportive features after customer’s access to their data through the AWS Data center. Below we Explore some services which is provided by AWS Cloud:

  • Cloud Products

By using or accessing the AWS cloud service you can also check the latest products that are listed on the amazon cloud sites.

  • Cloud Computing

In this service you can buy, maintain and own your physical data as well as you can also share your data with millions of peoples over the globe.

  •  Management Console

The most important and prominent feature in AWS is Management Console in which a console dashboard provides the customer to manage the data in his/her AWS Id.

  •  Free Tier and About Cloud Service Provider

In AWS you can also check about more than 100 products and inform the public about it at the different business forums for product awareness.

2. Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Providers

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service from Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Azure provides Software as Service (SaaS), Platform as Service (PaaS) and infrastructure as Service (IaaS). Users can use and deploy your software and services by depending on the Azure Data Centers.

Microsoft Azure revenue is between $30 to $35 billion this makes it a more profitable cloud platform, and recently Microsoft Azure wins the government contract of $10 Billion. Azure Cloud provides storage for data and information and also gives access to virtual computing, networking and much more.

Microsoft Azure is an SQL managed platform which is accessed through fully intelligent and secure SQL databases. Below we explore some of the Azure SQL database benefits:

  • Speedy Service or Access
  • Reliability Enhanced
  • Disaster Recovery Backups
  • No Security Risks.

3. IBM Cloud

IBM is one of the most developed cloud service providers all over the world like AWS & Azure, IBM also provides (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS). IBM provides cloud service through its Public, Private and hybrid cloud models.

The Features that are provided by IBM listed below here:


  • Cloud Packs Management
  • Databases Security
  • Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Migration      
  • Private Cloud
  • VMware

4. Google Cloud Service Providers

Google Cloud provides the same services like other cloud platform storage, migration, and integration of data also provides database security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and DevOps Features because it is similar to other. Google cloud generates annual revenues of $8 Billion worldwide.

Here we listed below the some of the product and services which are provided by the Google Cloud:

  • API Manage
  • Database Analysis
  • Developer tools
  • Health Care & Life Science
  • Media & Gaming
  • Networking Security
  • Migration
  • Google Suite
  • Maps
  • Cloud Storage
  • Firebase
  • Chrome Enterprises

Google Cloud services available in Different 20 Region 61 zones & 200+ countries.

5. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud Provides the Database storage service which is handled by Oracle Corporation. One Unique thing in Oracle Cloud Service is DaaS (Data as a Service) with also Iaas, Paas and SaaS. Oracle offers the following features that are listed below:

  • Storage
  • Database
  • Governance
  • Load Balancing
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Ravello
  • Fast Connect
  • Security Management

Oracle SaaS provides CX, HCM, IoT and block chain applications, Oracle DaaS is the oracle Data Cloud. The Annual revenue 2020 of oracle is about $40 billion.


In this Article we explore the top 5 cloud Service provider 2021 which are most usable and demanded all over the globe. To Learn more search on our site for other articles.  

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