Best Calendar Apps for Android

The calendar software is a useful datebook that allows us to keep track of important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, visits from family, and appointments. One of the most crucial and necessary apps that everyone should have is a calendar. With a simple interface, we can create, amend, view, and delete events, meetings, and much more.

Moreover, you can also use the calendar app to set a reminder to remind you of anything crucial for the day. If you have a smartphone, the calendar app is one of the most important apps to have. The finest Android calendar apps should have a basic user interface with all of the functionality we need in our daily personal or professional life.

List of Best Calendar Apps

In the Google Play Store, you’ll find a plethora of Calendar apps. The following is a collection of Android apps that might be classified as the best calendar apps.

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Business Calendar
  3. aCalendar
  4. Simple Calendar
  5. SolCalendar
  6. ColenGoo
  7. Jorte Calendar
  8. DigiCal
  9. Calendar Notify
  10. CloudCal

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Best Calendar Apps for Android

Some of the best calendar apps for android mobile phones and tablets are given as under. Moreover, some of the below-given calendar apps are also available for iOS and PC as well. Let’s start with the list!

1. Google Calendar – Best Calendar App for Android

Google Calendar - Best Calendar App for Android

One of the default applications on your Android smartphone is Google Calendar. It comes with other Google apps preinstalled. There are a lot of features in the Google Calendar app. The Google Calendar app’s key feature is that it instantly syncs with your Gmail account. If you receive an email about a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, Google Calendar will immediately remind you. Aside from that, you may quickly create, edit, browse and organize your reminders by date.

A new feature in Google Calendar is Dark Mode. You can also use “Google Assistant” to issue voice commands. Simply ask Google Assistant to “set a reminder to call David at 6 p.m. tomorrow.” The reminder will be saved immediately, and your harp will be reminded to contact David at 6 p.m. by the Google calendar app.

Download: Google Calendar for Android

2. Business Calendar

Business Calendar

Another popular calendar software available on the Google Play Store is Business Calendar. The software is free to download with an optional in-app payment. You may purchase the premium version for $6.99. This software has a variety of themes, widgets, and calendar displays. You have the option of selecting your preferred theme and widget.

The Business calendar app also has a daily and weekly planner that can be set from one to fourteen days. You can easily search and look for reminders in the remainders tab. If you upgrade to a paid account, you’ll have access to features like ad-free app use, integrated weather notifications, the ability to attach photographs and files to events, and the ability to print your calendar schedule in PDF format.

Download: Business Calendar for Android

3. aCalendar App for Android

aCalendar App for Android

One of the greatest calendar apps for Android is aCalendar. It has a large number of calendar templates and customization options. The app includes seven strong widgets, event-specific colors, and much more. aCalendar is a free app containing advertisements. If you want an ad-free version, you’ll have to pay $5.99 for the premium version. You can quickly change between day, weekly, monthly, and agenda views.

Download: aCalendar App for Android

4. Simple Calendar Android App

Simple Calendar Android App

Simple Calendar is one of the most widely used calendar apps on the Android Market. It may easily be linked to your existing calendar to display events and appointments on your home screen. Simple Calendar’s key advantages are that it does not require any unnecessary permissions to access your phone and that it is ad-free. It has no sophisticated features and functions in the same way that a calendar does.

Download: Simple Calendar for Android

5. SolCalendar for Android

SolCalendar for Android

SolCalendar is a well-known application with attractive aesthetics and simple functionalities. It comes with stickers to help you remember significant dates. The calendar can be used to check the weather conditions on a daily basis. It allows you to sync your calendar with other apps.

It also supports the lunar calendar, as well as 41 countries’ holiday calendars. SolCalendar can sync with Google Calendar, Daum Calendar, iCloud, and a variety of other calendars. It is an Android calendar software that is both quick and free.

Download: SolCalendar for Android

6. CalenGoo Calender App

CalenGoo Calender App

CalenGoo is a calendar tool that allows you to customize how you manage your events and chores. It helps you to organize your activities by adding images, files, and notes. There are five calendar views available: day, week, month, year, and agenda. Birthdays and anniversaries can be synced with contacts.

This program allows you to sync your Google Calendar with all of your past and future events. You may also use Google Calendar to share calendar events with others. CalenGoo premium will set you back $5.99. Users can also take advantage of a free trial.

Download: CalenGoo Calender App

7. Jorte Calendar App for Android

Jorte Calendar App for Android

Jorte is one of the most widely used calendar apps on the Google Play Store. The Jorte Calendar app is used by over 30 million users. Jorte’s calendar is compatible with Microsoft Office 365 and Evernote. With the help of the Jorte cloud, this app can sync many devices. Monthly, Daily, Vertically, and Weekly are the four different views accessible. Icons and themes can be used to customize the calendar.

Download: Jorte Calendar

8. DigiCal – Android Calendar App

DigiCal - Android Calendar App

DigiCal is the most configurable and flexible calendar app available for Android. Material design, dark theme, built-in location search, and global weather forecast are all highlights. It has 42 color options to help you organize your calendar activities and goals. DigiCal may be synced with Google’s default calendar. It comes with a variety of themes and agenda views to let you quickly and easily create your calendar schedule.

Download: DigiCal – Android Calendar App

9. Calendar Notify for Android

Calendar Notify for Android

Calendar Notify is a freshly released calendar software that allows for customization. It displays all of your upcoming calendar events as a widget on the lock screen, status bar, or home screen. It allows you to add color, design, and style to your events to make them stand out.

The calendar Notify app allows users to back up their calendar events and save them to Google Drive. It has filters that allow you to see only the most significant events. It comes in both a free and a paid version.

Download: Calendar Notify for Android

10. CloudCal Calendar App for Android

CloudCal Calendar App for Android

For viewing monthly events, CloudCal is one of the best calendar apps for Android. It syncs with Google, Microsoft, Evernote, and Meetup calendars. Multiple views and agendas are available for a week, day, and month. Daily, monthly, hourly, yearly, and minutely reminders are all available.

It sends out email invitations to your contacts for meetings and appointments. This calendar allows you to immediately add photographs, audios, and files to your events. It’s available in a total of 13 languages all across the world.

Download: CloudCal Calendar App for Android

Final Verdict: Best Calendar Apps for Android

Everyone can benefit from a calendar app. It’s a must-have tool for business individuals who want to keep track of all their meetings, deadlines, and events. You will receive timely notifications about your impending assignments and events if you install the calendar app. The finest Android calendar apps should be able to sync with other apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Contacts, and others. You should be able to easily adjust your events and schedule if anything changes.

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