Top 9 Best Blogging Platforms of 2022

The purpose is not to become popular. The aim is to preserve and conserve your talent to make a better change in the world by creating awareness using the top 9 Best Blogging Platforms. It’s an urge in every human heart to do what they have been born to do. You have value and in the world, your value is sought after.

To share with the world, you have immense value. In life, your goal is to discover it and use it. Focus on making an impact instead of concentrating on income. The more impact you make, the more income in your life will flow.

The Best Blogging Platforms

When you are going to start a blog, there is a range of questions that you have to ask yourself. The first question is that for my site, which is the best platform for blogging?

It does not seem to be difficult to find the right and Best Blogging Platforms, particularly if you have a general understanding. Like what your blog is intended to be about, your technical capability, and your budget.

We’ll review nine of the best blogging sites out there in this article. Also, illustrating their pros and cons, and will give you some information for choosing the best platform. You should have a better idea about which blogging platform is appropriate for your particular needs.

List of 9 Best Blogging Platforms

Here is a list of the top 9 best blogging platforms that you can choose while working online for creating personal or professional websites and blogs:

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wordpress best blogging platforms

The most commonly used content management system that serves as a blogging site is (often simply referred as WordPress). The site outstands its prevalence to its resilience, convenience of use, and possession. This is why WordPress is fueled by a variety of large-scale blogs.

You’ll need to search for a hosting provider to get started with the WordPress blogging site. If that’s completed, you’ll have access to upgrade your website by installing thousands of free and paid themes and plugins. Moreover, you can also monetize it as you want and even expand it with custom code.

The platform for WordPress is open source, meaning it is easily accessible and free of charge. One of the Best Blogging Platforms that comes without any cost for newbies. However, you may have to pay for your site and for a web hosting contract to register a custom domain name.

2. best free blogging platform is developed by the Automatic team, is a content management system and blogging site that is pre-hosted. What it all means is that, without pausing to worry about seeking a hosting provider to host your domain or downloading the WordPress app, you can sign up with and launch a blog almost immediately.

Blogs built with the free plan of have restricted features and comes with permanent advertising that you cannot disable. These websites are created under as subdomains, which means the URL of your blog would look something like

Regarding the customization, you can select from a collection of free themes and plugins that are open to users of and cannot run and thus monetize any type of ads on your blog. However, you can promote items you have developed and sign up with the WordAds program for WordPress.

3. Tumblr


Although Tumblr originally began as a micro-blogging website, it has gained momentum over the years and has become a platform for social networking and blogging. It is immensely popular among content creators and archivists who post media content such as NSFW pictures, GIFs, and memes because of its user-friendly usage policy.

If you sign up for Tumblr, you get a free subdomain for registering the domain name that makes the URL of your blog look like Besides that, you should customize your blog to use this instead of the free subdomain if you already have a domain name approved with a domain name registry. In this way, the URL of your site might look like, but the Tumblr blogging platform is still being used.

Tumblr is a pre-hosted option, meaning that your blog won’t have to be hosted. And when you get your website live, to customize it, you will be able to choose from a constrained range of free themes. You can even run ads e.g., Google AdSense on it and can monetize your Tumblr blog whatever the way you want.

4. Wix

wix blogging platform for professionals

Wix is mainly a website builder which can be used to start a fully operational blog as well. You can select from a range of pre-designed templates with Wix’s free plan to customize your blog site, although it will be on a subdomain, i.e.,

And you get 500 MB of server space and bandwidth when you subscribe to the free, pre-hosted Wix blog site. Through Wix, your website building and customization choices are minimal, and Wix advertising in the header and footer that cannot be removed will be shown on your blog.

Updating to their paid version will set you back $4.50 a month, and while your blog will still show Wix brand ads, you will get a little more bandwidth. You’ll have to go for the $8.50 a month package if you’d like to delete the commercials from your blog. You can consider Wix as one of the Best Blogging Platforms for professional-looking websites.

5. Blogger

blogger free best blogging platforms
Membuat Blog dengan Blogger

Since 1999, Google’s Blogger has been available and is still subject to many online bloggers. This blogging site is also pre-hosted and provides you with a free sub-domain so that the URL of your site ends up looking like

Consequently, if you’ve a registered subdomain, while still using the Blogger site, you can link it with your Blogger account and also have a URL. Blogger is considered as one of the best platforms for free blogging.

Since Google owns Blogger, you can sign up to run ads on your blog with Google AdSense and start monetizing it. With exception to contemporary blogging sites, though it’s still easy to work with, Blogger is a little outdated.

6. Weebly

Weebly ecommerce platform

Weebly is a forum for hosted blogging that you can get acquainted with for free. But it’s mainly a website builder (like Wix), using its drag and drop builder, Weebly could be used to create a functional blog. There is a range of free themes available on the platform that you can install on your blog but their selection of blog-based themes is minimal.

You’re not able to monetize your platform with Weebly’s free plan and there are not a variety of third-party integrations accessible. It’s important to note that it’s very difficult to move your site from Weebly to a different platform.

Weebly is a hosted blogging site, so you can imagine something like to look like your URL. You get 500 MB of storage space on top of this and Weebly shows brand ads in the footer of your blog site. And if you want a custom domain, you’re going to have to switch to their $8 per month plan that comes with a free Google Ads domain and support.

7. Medium

Medium blog

Medium, developed by the founders of Twitter, is a free, popular forum for modern-day blogging. Medium’s thing is that it’s more like a social platform. What this suggests is that, essentially, your blog will be your profile and it will look the same as the Medium blog of anyone else.

You can relate custom domains to the individual stories you post on Medium (not individual profiles). Moreover, you can also use Medium to create your portfolio as an editor or content writer. Best Blogging Platforms for content writers and editors.

You will also be able to publish posts on your blog using your Medium profile. Since it’s a hosted blogging site, you don’t have to install some kind of software or check for hosting. But you won’t be able to customize the design of your site, add features to it, or monetize it.

8. Squarespace

squarespace best blogging platform

Squarespace is a premium, professionally managed and hosted website builder that allow users to create functional blog sites filled with custom domains that are billed annually at $16 per month. This platform consists of a wide variety of themes that you can incorporate to your blog site that are professional-looking.

With this forum, you can’t use official plugins or extensions to apply advanced features and functions to your website, but you can locate private vendors selling Squarespace add-ons.

Moreover, only a few third-party integrations are available, and you are also restricted to building up to 20 websites, a forum, and getting two moderators on board. And if you sign up for the $16 a month Personal Plan, you would not have the opportunity of advertisements to monetize your blog.

9. TypePad

typepad blogging platform

TypePad is a paid, hosted blogging site that you can start for $8.95 per month, similar to Squarespace. The platform also retains the same functionality and the same relatively outdated templates, while Typepad usage numbers are falling.

You’ll be able to plan your own domain to your blog site using TypePad. This means that first, you will have to register it with a domain name registration, and then you can link it to your blog with TypePad.

By running ads (like Google AdSense) or by affiliate programs, you can monetize your Typepad blog. Though its customization features are limited, the platform is extremely easy to use.

Best Blogging Platforms of 2021 Final Verdict

It’s pretty easy to find the best blogging platform for your requirements when you know the way you want to step in, have a budget set up, and a general understanding of your technical capabilities.

Blogging sites such as offer you a lot more leeway to get started with but need some technical skills. Though your blog will show branded advertisements and monetization choices are limited in the forums like Wix. But they are easier to start with and provide hosted services.

And after that, premium platforms like Squarespace take all the heavy work out of launching a blog. However, you would have to pay more and have restrictions on adding or customizing features to your blog. Finally, we suggest you first go with if it is your first time into the blogging world. There is no match and no other Best Blogging Platforms that we can tell.


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