Best Apps to Learn Hebrew Translation and Pronunciation

Hebrew is one of the world’s oldest languages, dating back to the dawn of time. It was once considered extinct, but it is progressively being resurrected in Europe and the Palestinian territories. Mobile language apps can help you speak and comprehend Hebrew, whether you’re just curious or planning a trip to West Asia. We’ve put together a collection of Android and iOS apps that can help you learn Hebrew, as well as translation and pronunciation.

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Apps to Learn Hebrew Translation and Pronunciation

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning app that I’m sure you’ve heard of if you’ve ever considered learning a new language. It has tutorials available in a variety of languages, including Hebrew. The program covers all areas of language acquisition, including the fundamentals of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as a concentration on grammar. You can set a time target based on how serious you are about learning the language. You can choose from four basic time frames: casual (5 minutes per day), regular (10 minutes per day), serious (15 minutes per day), or insane (20 minutes per day).

Duolingo app to learn Hebrew translation and pronunciation

With a quick language test, Duolingo makes it simple to assess your language skills. It automatically adjusts the teachings to fit the situation. Furthermore, if you are a complete newbie, you can start from the beginning. Images, audio, and sentence solving are used in a variety of ways in the lessons. If you already know the basics of Hebrew, these activities will help you learn faster.


  • Lessons that are dynamic (image, audio)
  • Taking a gamified approach
  • This book covers every facet of language (reading, writing, grammar, etc.)


  • It is missing a simple alphabetical approach.
  • It is not recommended for complete novices.

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2. Write It! Hebrew

The app’s name is quite self-explanatory. By sketching Hebrew alphabets on your phone’s screen, the app teaches you how to write them. Writing is an excellent method for learning and memorizing any language. Minimal animation is used in the lessons, which the user must follow with touch strokes.

Write It! Hebrew

You can use audio playback to help you pronounce the Hebrew alphabet in addition to writing instruction. Once you’ve mastered a set of alphabets, take the test and strive to earn as many stars as possible to demonstrate your mastery. There’s also a review part where you may go over everything you’ve learned so far and revise it. However, the information is locked behind a paywall and will cost $4.99/one-time fee which also removes ads.


  • Lessons that are animated stroke by stroke
  • The user interface is simple and straightforward.
  • Beginners will love it.


  • Full-screen advertisements
  • Behind a paywall is a review section.
  • Only alphabets and word creation are limited.

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3. Hebrew Letters Writing

This is a better app for learning Hebrew alphabets and pronunciation if you’re on Android. Certain features, such as animated strokes and voice pronunciation, are standard, however, you can compare your strokes to the original form. Another significant change is that the alphabets are shown individually rather than in groupings, making it much easier to gain an overview.

Hebrew Letters Writing

If you want to practice while watching videos, the program also offers a dedicated videos section. Although you’ll be sent to YouTube to watch the videos, the app’s video separation makes it simple to find what you’re looking for. Many video playlists are available, including Hebrew for Kids, Basic Phrases, Weekly Words, and so on. Finally, you can put your talents to the test in the test area. It even allows you to create bespoke tests for difficult-to-learn alphabets.


  • Stroke-by-stroke instructions with the ability to undo
  • The test section contains a feature that allows you to create your own tests (make your own test)
  • Lessons on video (YouTube)


  • Advertisements in the form of banners and full-screen adverts are available.
  • For $8, advertising are removed (costly for what it offers)

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4. Learn Hebrew. Speak Hebrew

You’ll learn to speak and pronounce Hebrew words in a conversational style as if you were speaking to two people. It introduces a few fundamental phrases at a time and is simple to understand even for total beginners. Similar to what you learn in school, the app blends graphics with frequent phrases. Because words are repeated at regular intervals by professionals (audio), the user quickly learns how to pronounce them correctly.

Learn Hebrew. Speak Hebre

This software is a must-have if you want to brush up on your fundamental conversational abilities. Aside from that, the stats area allows you to keep track of your progress. It displays the total amount of time you spent training, as well as the words and phrases you acquired, as well as a weekly progress line graph. You can also practice interactions with Mondly, a chatbot. So, if you don’t have access to a native speaker to practice with, Mondly AI will assist you in memorizing common Hebrew phrases.


  • Several lessons (phrases, chatbot, vocabulary)
  • Weekly progress reports with extensive information
  • This software is really extensive.


  • The premium plan ($3/month) includes phrase lessons.
  • To save your progress, you must first sign up.

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5. Gus on the Go: Hebre‪w

The majority of the applications we’ve discussed so far cover various aspects of Hebrew study. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning Hebrew pronunciation, writing, or simple phrases. None of the Hebrew learning applications, on the other hand, were created with children in mind. Gus will make your child’s Hebrew effective, as instruction has evolved to a blend of online and offline curricula. To make the courses more engaging, the app incorporates animation and an audio guide.

Gus on the Go app to learn Hebrew translation and pronunciation

The app also includes a variety of language games that children will enjoy. There are various categories of words to choose from, including transportation, clothing, numbers, colors, bodily parts, and so on. The software costs $3.99, but the best part is that it is specifically created for children and has no adverts or in-app purchases. If your child enjoys stories, the same developer also offers Hebrew for Kids with Stories (free).


  • Taking a gamified approach
  • Designed specifically for children
  • The user interface is bright and vibrant.
  • It teaches you how to use fundamental terms in your day-to-day life.


  • This is not a free app.
  • Adults should avoid it.

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6. Google Translate: : Apps to Learn Hebrew Translation Pronunciation

When it comes to translating any language into Hebrew or vice versa, there is nothing better or more accurate than Google Translate. Most Hebrew translation programs I tried either didn’t have this capability or included Google Translate. Google Translate is useful because it not only translates but also displays definitions and phrases and even alternate translations.

Google Translate app to learn Hebrew translation and pronunciation

Google Translate includes a dialogue option that is quite unique. You can speak any language, and the program will instantly convert everything to Hebrew. The only drawback is that speech output is not currently accessible in Hebrew. Aside from that, you may use Google Translate in any app on Android by allowing it to draw over other apps.


  • The offline translation is available.
  • Any app can be used to translate words.
  • Conversational translation is supported.
  • Translation from the camera (detect Hebrew and translate in real-time)


  • Only translation is prohibited.
  • If you’re seeking instruction, this isn’t the place to be.
  • There are no games or quizzes like in other apps.

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7. YouTube Channels

Online lessons have exploded in popularity since the epidemic, and YouTube is a terrific location to find them all in one place. Unlike other apps, you are not restricted to a specific curriculum or syllabus, but instead, have access to hundreds of videos from which to choose. When you don’t have constant access to the internet, the ability to download videos offline comes in handy. Here are some of the top Hebrew learning resources. If video classes are your thing, I discovered something for you.

YouTube Channels

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Conclusion: Apps to Learn Hebrew Translation Pronunciation

If you’re a complete newbie at learning Hebrew, I strongly advise you to start with the letters. You can try both of the apps listed above to learn Hebrew translation and pronunciation and to discover which one best suits your needs. Try the Learn Hebrew with Mondly (AI) app if you’re traveling and want a quick start with common words and phrases. It comes with everything you require and is really simple to use. Finally, whether you need to write something in Hebrew or translate a local into English, the Google Translate app will come to your aid.

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