7 Best Apple AirTag Accessories to Attach It to Anything

Apple just debuted the AirTag, a long-rumored tracking device. As you might expect, AirTags essentially helps you keep track of your belongings and is extremely beneficial in the event that you misplace them. All you have to do is tie it to something you don’t want to lose and use Apple’s Find My app to hunt it down. The main drawback is that it lacks a key ring or a magnet to stick to your belongings. To compensate, Apple AirTag accessories will most likely be required to connect the AirTags to your keys, luggage, backpack, and other items.

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What’s Special About Apple AirTag Accessories

Tile, Samsung SmartTag, and other tracking devices compete directly against Apple’s AirTag. The Apple AirTag, on the other hand, stands out in a variety of ways. To begin with, it’s quite little (about the size of a quarter), making it virtually undetectable. Second, it makes use of Apple’s Find My network, which includes millions of iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices, to help find it if it ever gets lost or stolen while out of Bluetooth range.

And that’s a big benefit because no other tracking device on the market compares to Apple’s vast array of gadgets. In fact, if someone else with an iPhone or any NFC-enabled Android device finds your lost item with an AirTag, he or she can scan and read your contact information and connect with you using his or her Apple/Android handset.

There are a variety of AirTag attachments available to allow you to use AirTag as a keychain, hide it in your purse, or attach it to your phone or tablet. Some are now in stock, while others are on back-order. Here are the top seven Apple AirTag accessories to purchase.

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1. Best Overall: Belkin Secure Holder with Strap

The Belkin Secure Strap is first on the list. It’s perfect for securing AirTags to your backpack, luggage, pocketbook, keychain, and other accessories. Your AirTags will not fall out thanks to the twist-and-lock design. Furthermore, the strap’s slightly raised sides will protect your AirTags from scratching. Belkin offers four colour options for the strap: white, black, blue, and pink.

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap accessory for apple AirTag

Belkin Secure Holder with Strap is an inexpensive Apple AirTag accessory that comes highly recommended. The company now provides a Keyring version of the AirTag for the same price.

Buy from Apple ($12.95)

2. Best for Sunglasses: Nomad Glass Strap

Do you have a habit of losing your sunglasses? Then the Nomad Glass Strap is the perfect choice for you. When you combine the strap with your Apple AirTag, finding it is a breeze. The lightweight construction of the strap also means that you can leave them hanging all day. If you preorder the strap, it will cost you $30. After then, it will revert to its original $40 price.

Nomad Glass Strap for apple airtag

In addition to the glass strap, Nomad also sells a leather keychain for just under $20, if you preorder.

Buy from Nomad ($29.95)

3. Best for Hiding: Moment Mounts for AirTags

The AirTags can be easily stuck to any flat surface thanks to the mount’s robust aramid fibre casing and super-strong adhesive. And there’s more. When Moment Mount takes a hammering, the shock-absorbent construction comes in handy. As a result, the Moment Mount can be readily concealed in a camera case, travel bag, car, bike, drone, and other similar items.

Moment Mounts accessory for AirTags

The hard-shell version costs around $20, while a fabric mount or curved-surface mount costs only $15.

Buy from Moment ($19.99)

4. Best Premium: AirTag Loop

Apart from the aforementioned, Apple offers its own AirTag accessories. The AirTag Loop is a stylish loop that you can quickly connect to your backpack, luggage, handbags, and other valuables. The AirTag loop is also lightweight and resilient, making it ideal for hard use.

AirTag Loop

While the less expensive version is composed of polyurethane (primarily foam), if you prefer a more luxurious design, a leather version costs around $39.

Buy from Apple ($29.00)

5. Best Apple AirTag Accessories: dBrand Grip Case

dBrand, known for gadget personalization, also makes a keychain holder for your AirTag. You also receive a lot of skin variations (available separately) from dBrand to help you distinguish between your AirTags. While the case is only available in black, different skins can be used to differentiate between them.

dBrand Grip Case for apple airtags

The dBrand Grip Case is a costly accessory for your AirTag, costing roughly $20 plus an additional $15 for the skin.

Buy from dBrand ($19.95)

6. Best Bargain: SZJCLTD Silicone Case

If you think spending more money on Apple AirTag accessories like a case than the AirTag itself is a bad idea, check out this SZJCLTD silicone case. The casing is soft and robust, made of medical-grade silicone rubber, and protects the key finder from impact, drops, and scratches. It also comes in five different color variations to help you distinguish between your AirTags.

SZJCLTD Silicone Case

The SZJCLTD silicone case is under $5, and you can get a bundle of four for less than $10.

Buy from Amazon ($4.99)

7. Best Color Options: Catnot Silicone Case (2-Pack)

The Catnot Silicone Case concludes our list. It’s comprised of soft silicone rubber with a bonded backside. It’ll be easy to adhere it to your phone, headphones, remote, and other items this way. The case comes in ten different color combinations. Furthermore, it may be glued numerous times without leaving a mark on your smartphone.

Catnot Silicone Case

The Catnot silicone case, which comes in a bundle of two for $15, is a good choice for adhering your AirTags to nearly anything.

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Closing Remarks: Best Apple AirTag Accessories

The Apple AirTags will undoubtedly be popular among people who are invested in the Apple environment. The AirTags accessories will be as well. However, the greatest AirTag attachment will be determined entirely by what you plan to attach them to. So, in the comments below, tell us what you plan to track with your Apple AirTags.

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