Android Apps Are Coming to Windows 11

Android applications will be available on Windows 11 later this year, according to Microsoft. Later this year, apps like TikTok, PUBG, and others be supported. You may wonder to hear that Android Apps Are Coming to Windows 11 finally.

Android App Support in Windows 11

Microsoft announced that support for Android applications would be coming to Windows 11 later in 2021 during its official Windows 11 launch on Thursday, June 24, 2021. Users will be able to search for and download Android apps through the Microsoft Store, which is made possible by collaborations with Amazon and Intel.

Microsoft announced that Android apps on Windows 11 will work with Intel Bridge Technology, which is aimed to expand the number of apps and experiences available on Windows. The new technology will work with the latest Intel processors and will play a key role in Microsoft’s plans to extend its Microsoft Store offerings.

run Tiktok on Windows 11

Types of Android Apps Supported in Windows 11

TikTok, which has become one of the most popular social media video apps available around the world, was one of the apps demonstrated during the session. With Windows 11, users can scroll TikTok, watch videos, and even compose videos to share with their followers—all without having to unlock their phone, according to Microsoft.

It’s unknown how many programs will use Intel Bridge Technology, allowing them to run on Windows 11, or whether the technology will be a universal one that can pull and push software to match the layout as needed.

Windows 11 main desktop

When Android Apps will be available in Windows 11

Microsoft hasn’t specified any specific release date yet, only claiming that it will arrive later this year, most likely around the same time as the stable version of Windows 11.

The firm also stated that Teams will be integrated directly into Windows 11, as well as a strong focus on tablet-friendly features.

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