9 Best Radio Apps for iPhone and Android

Gone are the days when listening to your favorite radio station was a hard thing. Thanks to digital technology, that has still made space for traditional terrestrial radio stations! The best radio apps for iPhone and Android let you rejoice in yourself at home, in case you have been cooped up at home for a long time. 

With the amazing apps, you can get updates on events happenings in the world no matter where are you. From broadcasting, reporting, and listening to thematic programs to everything related to surroundings can listen on radios. 

List of the Best Radio Apps for iPhone & Android

Out of many apps available in the market, we have made a hand-picked list of these best Radio Apps for iPhone and Android. These apps allow you to listen to many radio stations. 

  1. iHeartRadio 
  2. NPR One 
  3. Radio FM 
  4. JazzRadio 
  5. TuneIn Radio 
  6. Google Play Music 
  7. Pandora 
  8. Apple Music 
  9. Simple Radio

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Best Radio Apps for iPhone & Android

If you want to enjoy music, news, sports, and other sounds on your Android phone or iPhone, this section will help you choose the best app that fits your needs. To know details about each app, let’s take a peek below:

1. iHeartRadio- Best Radio Apps for iPhone & Android

iHeartRadio is our top pick that gives you access to unlimited music on your iPhone and Android. It offers you more than 1000 stations of different genres. You can customize your playlist and Pandora-style station without any hassle. Want to save your favorite music and replay it when offline? Yes! This app lets you save songs.

iheartmusic best radio app

Although it is available as a free app it gives you access to in-app purchases. This way you can unlock iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access to listen and save the songs of your choice. Moreover, it not only allows you to search radio stations close to your location but also enables you to search FM and AM stations from other cities too. 


  • Huge library of songs 
  • Offline access to favorite tracks 
  • You can create your playlist 
  • Available as a free app 


  • Getting free subscription 

Bottom line 

This app is great for providing live radio broadcasts from stations. You can make your custom radio stations by choosing tracks from its huge library. 

Download iHeartRadio for Android and iOS

2. NPR One 

National Public Radio One provides access to a constant stream of informative podcasts to listen to local national shows and nationally syndicated shows. You can save your tracks and mark them as favorites, rewind, and share the broadcasts. With its library, you can get many sounds of multiple genres. 

NPR One best radio apps

Above that, it allows you to access songs online. That being said, it offers you stable broadcast transmission without any signal disruption. From regional to local and international, all the radio stations become available to you.  


  • Provides latest songs, news, interviews, and much more 
  • It offers live streams of shows 
  • You can listen to local news wherever you are


  • It should specify the content 

Bottom line 

It’s a great app that provides you with everything including broadcasts, radio stations with songs, and much more on your phone.  

Download: NPR One

3. Radio FM

Another famous app for online radio stations is Radio FM. Whether you want to listen to the news, talk shows, music, and sports, this app provides all that you need. It has made it easy for the listeners to tune in to XM radio, MNR, NPR, K love and programming on similar radio options out there. It’s incredibly easy to connect to any country’s radio station. Radio FM has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Its modern design can make the radio experience joyful for you! 

Radio FM- best radio apps

Imagine while listening to your favorite show or track you fall asleep. It might disturb your sleep. Thankfully, it provides a sleeper option. You can turn on this option and your radio automatically shuts down. Genius! Moreover, you can add any choice of the radio station to your list of favorites. So whenever you want to listen to any radio station you can access it easily. 


  • Can play music of any type 
  • Simple and clean interface 
  • Free mobile application 
  • It allows you to save your favorite radio stations 


  • Limited subscription options 

Bottom line 

If you’re looking for a free radio station that gives you access to various radio stations globally, Radio FM is the right choice. 

Download Radio FM for Android and iPhone

4. JazzRadio

Do you like classical jazz music? Of course, many people enjoy the harmonical and relaxing sounds. So, JazzRadio is a great app that brings jazz music from different parts of the world. Therefore, it makes sure that you can listen to jazz music regardless of your location. 


It offers you access to many channels. You can switch between more than 35 channels. Interestingly its channels are linked by aficionados. Its free version comes with ads. But if you want an ad-free version, you can opt for its premium version. With its paid version you can get high quality of sound, access to classical and rock music. You can play jazz music on other hardware. 


  • Provides jazz music on your device 
  • Options to save channels 
  • The sleep timer is available 


  • It includes only a limited number of jazz channels 

Bottom line 

Jazz music is a free app with in-app purchases. It comes with many jazz music options and allows you to play high-quality music on your device. 

Download: JazzRadio

5. TuneIn Radio 

TuneIn Radio is among the best radio apps that provide many radio streams from many stations. With in-app purchases, it gives you an Apple watch app and Carplay App. The Carplay app is amazing and delivers your favorite tracks, news, and sports. 

TuneIn Radio; Best radio apps

Moreover, it contains more than 40,000 audio books that let you enjoy them wherever you are. The paid version is far better than the free version. It contains ad-free news channels, and podcasts. What’s more, you can make a custom radio station and it provides games from sports leagues. 


  • Curated and custom radio station
  • Delivers radio streams globally
  • Packed with radio talks, news, and sports leagues 
  • Easy to use and appealing interface


  • Occasional bugs are found on some locations

Bottom line 

TuneIn Radio is a go-to app for you that provides local and national radio stations.  With its TuneIn streaming, you can search and playback audio content.

Download TuneIn Radio for Android and iPhone 

6. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is widely popular and hardly any of us are unaware of it. It contains a section on “Radio”. After navigating this section you can listen to your songs of choice. Like the TuneIn Radio app, this too recommends the tracks based on what you mostly listen to. It offers flexibility to its users. 

Google Play Music

In case you don’t like any song it’d be deleted from the list and won’t appear in your recommended list. Pretty much, useful feature though! Another interesting feature is its YouTube and YouTube Red integration. Moreover, its deep library makes it worth considering an app for you. 


  • It shows flexibility while recommending you the sounds 
  • Offers good quality of sound 
  • Music locker 
  • It provides excellent streaming audio spaces 


  • It lacks enough non-musical content 
  • Its setup is a bit complex 

Bottom line 

Google play music is popular for the enjoyable music streaming that it offers. With a free and unlimited pricing plan, you can access many sounds as per your demands.

Download Google Play Music

7. Pandora 

Pandora supports more than 100 radio stations and allows you to create more stations according to your likings. Its striking feature is its recommended podcasts. With this feature, you can listen to recommended podcasts that come automatically in the app. Basic Pandora is an ad-based app. While Paid Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium are ad-free apps. Also, with paid versions, you can create high-quality playlists and radio stations. 

pandora best radio apps

It has earned a high rating i.e. 4.8 out of 5. Along with that, it offers traditional experiences like the radio that makes it an outstanding app. All-in-all Pandora is a valuable app available for Android and iPhone devices. And it comes with a user-friendly interface.  


  • It allows you to personalize your account 
  • High-quality sounds 
  • Recommends sounds as per your likings
  • Discover many sounds 


  • The free version has limited radio options 

Bottom line

With the Pandora app, you can get a great experience while traveling. When needed you can switch to offline mode.  Overall, it’s good for its customizability and entertains you with your favorite stations. 

Download Pandora

8. Apple Music

Whether you want to listen to Bloomberg radio, NPR News, ESPN sports and news, and any other live radio station, Apple music live broadcast comes in handy. Its main component is Beats 1 that is widely popular and allows you to listen to many interviews and music. 

apple music-best radio apps for iPhone

Its recommendations component is great. So it broadcasts live streams and provides custom radio stations. It doesn’t broadcast ads. It contains eye-catching layout icons, simple and easy-to-use interface. Overall it is very easy to navigate. 


  • Add your favorite songs to the library 
  • It streams many tracks 
  • Broadcasts many radio stations and TV video channel 
  • It features Live programming 


  • Lacks free version 
  • Limited non-music content 

Bottom line 

Apple Music is the best radio app that delivers great music streaming services on the market.  Library with many sounds, live streaming, and an attractive interface makes it worth considering an app. 

Download Apple Music for iPhone

9. Simple Radio

Simple Radio is a simple yet astonishing app with tons of great features. With this app, you can listen to your favorite AM and FM online radio stations. Unlike other apps in the market that make it a bit complex for you to listen to your favorite streams, this app overall simplifies the task. 

simple radio

You might be wondering- why is this app called Simple Radio? Well, there’s an obvious reason to name it! It makes the whole searching process easier and simpler for you. You can search your any song by genre, format, and city. 


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface 
  • More than 40,000 stations 
  • Facilitate online radio more than ever


  • Too much ads and delays 

Bottom line 

Simple Radio is an incredibly simple and reliable app that provides a great live streaming experience. 

Download Simple Radio

Conclusion- Best Radio Apps for iPhone & Android

With the increased trend of people turning to stream services, the best apps for iPhone and Android give an overwhelming experience to users globally. If you want to enjoy live streaming on either iPhone or Android, iHeartRadio is the best overall app. For iPhone users only, Apple music is the perfect option. Pandora is a go-to app for Android users. 


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