8 Best Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress

Looking for an accurate idea to draw attention to your business? Why not go for the Podcasting. It won’t be wrong to say that Podcasting is a profitable business in itself. Attracting the audience is the difficult and vital part when it comes to business. Tools for hosting podcasts on WordPress enable you to do so.

You might find it a bit tricky, but you won’t have to if you’ve got the right Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress. WordPress podcasting has turned into an amazing medium to earn money. It’s quite recently that more and more people have started listening to podcasts.

Hence, it’s the best possible initiative that you would take for your business. Probably it’s the best time to start Podcasting. WordPress is the great option you’ve got to create a podcast website.

WordPress has made Podcasting even easier and fun by introducing Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress. These tools would launch WordPress on your own website. There is a large number of Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress. Therefore, you need to be wise enough to choose the best suitable for you.

List of 8 Best Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress

The confusion you might encounter is about which tools for hosting podcasts on WordPress are the best suitable for you. Well, we’ve solutions and answers to all your problems. We bring an extensive list of the Best Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress.

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1. Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press for WordPress

This is one of the best Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress. As the name indicates its functioning is pretty simple and it has a stylish podcast player. This makes it a popular choice and you should go for it if you are a beginner.

What’s even more fascinating about this WordPress tool is that You won’t have to update the website whenever a new podcast is added. Simple Podcast Press would automatically do that for you. Above all, it’s user-friendly and is best suitable for multiple channels.

Once you get to use this WordPress tool, you’d start enjoying how Simple Podcast Press works. It has got the feature of allowing you to add images, media player, and descriptions to your podcast.

Key Features of Simple Podcast Press

  • You’ve got these options of playback and timestamp.
  • It has got the best integration when it comes to WordPress.
  • You can easily share your podcast with the social sharing option of Simple Podcast Press.
  • It is best suitable for iTunes reviews.

Those of you who had been looking for the best suitable WordPress hosting tool for iTunes and SoundCloud Podcast should go for Simple Podcast Press.

2. Buzzsprout Podcasting

Buzzsprout Podcasting Tool

Buzzsprout is another popular Tools for hosting podcasts on WordPress. What makes this tool distinguishing from others is the cheap pricing it comes with. It even offers s free plan that would enable you to podcast for about two hours a month.

You can avail of the free plan to see whether Buzzsprout meets your expectations or not. Once you get to use this tool, you’d realize that it is most suitable for HTML5 players, iTunes support, and statics.

This WordPress tool enables you to link your podcast to Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts, etc. within the plugin. This is indeed a most useful WordPress podcasting tool.

Key Features of Buzzsprout Podcasting

  • Buzzsprout podcasting comes with detailed analytical tools.
  • It also comes with this feature of external hosting.
  • You’ve got these distinguishing tools of scheduling and automatic syncing.
  • Provides you with the freedom of choosing from Flash players and HTML5 players.

You should go for this tool if you no more want to worry about optimization because Buzzsprout would automatically do that for you.

3. Seriously Simple Podcasting

Seriously Simple Podcasting Tool for WordPress

Seriously Simple Podcasting is what comes to our mind when talking about a user-friendly podcasting tool. It comes with the default settings so that you don’t have to put in much effort to set it up.

Once you get to use this tool for hosting podcasts on WordPress you would realize the similar features Seriously Simple Podcasting has got. The simple functioning of this tool would help you become experienced in this in no time.

Key Features Seriously Simple Podcasting

  • It comes with its own media player that works smoothly with WordPress.
  • This tool efficiently supports both video and audio.
  • It is capable of creating series, episodes, and playlists.
  • It would enable you to handle multiple podcasts.

Seriously Simple Podcasting is the answer to all your concerns related to Podcasting. Hence, you sold go for it without wasting more time.

4. Fusebox – Best Tool for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress

Fusebox the best WordPress podcasting tool

Fusebox is yet another best tool for hosting podcasts on WordPress. You’ve got concerns about designs and features? Well, you no more need to look further because Fusebox and got everything you’d been looking for.

This tool provides you with the freedom of creating your own design and if not you’ve got a variety of default designs. This is the reason that makes it a popular choice among podcasters. Fusebox comes with a customizable audio player that enables subscription, downloading, and sharing options.

Key Features Of Fusebox

  • It comes with efficient customization options.
  • You’ve got a variety of options to enhance the designs.
  • It has this option to download your podcast which makes sharing easy.
  • It comes with a featured audio player.

Fusebox is the best option you’ve got if you no more want to worry about SEO because it comes with a transcription tool to do so.

5. Blubrry PowerPress

Blubrry PowerPress Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress

This podcast hosting tool is the best you can get when it comes to media player efficiency. Blubrry has made its name quite popular because of the free plugin it has got. It’s up to you whether you avail of the subscription hosting service or not.

The featured functioning of Blubrry is not only useful for the podcaster but the viewers can have a good experience as well. This happens through the feature that allows viewers to change playback speed or skip backward/forward.

What makes Blubrry distinguishing from other tools is the variety of tools it comes with. These tools would enable you to organize, host, and make your podcasting popular in a more efficient way. You can even add tags and shortcodes for easy search.

Key Features Of Blubrry PowerPress

  • It enables you to link your podcast to iTunes and many other platforms.
  • It comes with subscription and downloading tools.
  • Blubrry has an attractive interface.
  • SEO tools for optimizing your podcast.

Podcasting is much more fun with Blubrry therefore, you should go for this tool.

6. Sermon Manager

Sermon Manager Podcasting tool

No matter which niche you work in, Sermon Manager has got the design for nearly all the popular niches. You’d start to like the way this podcasting tool operates. It’s functioning is quite similar to the other tools hence, you won’t find Sermon Manager difficult to operate.

The tools that it comes with allow you to attach files so that the listeners have this option to read from you as well. With Sermon Manager, you are capable of adding books, podcasts, topics, and other information that supports your content.

Key features Of Sermon Manager

  • You’ve got this option to attach PDF and DOC files.
  • With Sermon Manager, you can import podcasts from any other external source.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Makes your podcast flexible with the WordPress shortcodes.

This tool for hosting podcasts on WordPress and simple yet featured one. Hence, you would have a wonderful experience with the Sermon manager.

7. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Tools for Hosting Podcasts on WordPress

You no more need to worry about managing your Podcast when you have got Pudlove Podcast Publisher. This is another widely used tool for hosting podcasts on WordPress. It would meet your standards because it comes with this feature of showcasing podcasts with the web player.

You may not like the style and design it has but you would definitely love the functioning it has. If you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry about the working of Pudlove Podcast Publisher. It comes with the chapter support to answer all your concerns.

Another distinguishing feature that Pudlove Podcast comes with is that it enables you to view the stats of your podcast. You would be able to the exact numbers of people who downloaded your Podcast.

Key Features Of Podlove Podcast Publisher

  • It comes with powerful analytics.
  • Multiple templates that could be changed.,
  • Pudlove Podcast comes with a subscription feature.
  • It has got an HTML5 web player.

You should go for this because it allows you to modify the templates so that you can design them as per your requirement.

8. Libsyn Podcasting

Libsyn Podcasting

Libsyn Podcasting is yet another tool that has made its name quite popular among tools for hosting podcasts on WordPress. This tool is suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced podcasters because it has got a variety of features.

This tool enables you to offer your viewers custom mobile apps, host the episodes, and much more. You can use the WordPress plugin of Libsyn Podcasting if you are its subscriber. The plugin would save you much time and effort. This plugin would allow you to upload files directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Key Features of Libsyn Podcasting

  • It comes with a compatible media player.
  • Libsyn Podcasting has this feature of external cloud hosting.
  • Enables podcasters to showcase their podcast.
  • Libsyn server stores the podcast hence, your site won’t be loaded

Libsyn Podcasting is the best choice you’ve got to market your services and products.

Tools for Hosting Podcast on WordPress – Final Verdict

We have provided you with a detailed list of tools for hosting podcasts on WordPress. Each of these tools has its own distinguishing features. Hence, all you need to do is be smart with your choice because you are the one who knows which tool is best suitable for you.

Some of the tools are free and some need a subscription. You can go for free tools if you are a beginner and want to play around with these tools. Once you get to know the features and all that you should consider subscribing to these tools.

Well, what are you waiting for then? Just go and check out these tools and see which one of these would be more fun for you.


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